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Synonyms for precondition

Synonyms for precondition

Synonyms for precondition

an assumption on which rests the validity or effect of something else

an assumption that is taken for granted

a condition that is a prerequisite

put into the required condition beforehand

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UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, arbitrary and summary killings Agnes Callamard had called on the Philippine government to lift a series of preconditions it imposed on her planned visit.
As the preconditions that were accompanying all rounds of dialogue in Geneva and made this path retreat in front of Astana and Sochi tracks, Jaafari said "we will judge this talk through the positions of the operators of the other delegation and their commitment to the agenda of the Geneva talks.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The ambassador said that the delegation of the Syrian government, which will arrive to re-join the ongoing round of the peace talks in Geneva on Sunday, will not enter into direct talks with the opposition as long as they continue laying down preconditions for the talks and insist on a "provocative" Riyadh-2 communique.
Meanwhile, India is unlikely to accept China's precondition, so the restarting of a dialogue between the two countries remains up in the air.
The Movement's leaders had set the extension of the ceasefire in Darfur, the scraping of death penalties ruled against elements from Darfur's rebel movements , the publication of lists of the Movement's fighters taken prisoners in the Nakhara battle as well as hosting the Movement's delegation to the dialogue as preconditions to join the talks.
MacroAsia also had to secure the certification precondition for NCIP aside from the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).
Bahrain's opposition has claimed it has dropped preconditions for holding talks with the government, according to a report.
Despite the fact that Israel decided not to present any preconditions, it cannot demand that the Palestinians refrain from presenting any conditions of their own," he told Ynet.
The vital precondition concerned the payment of all monies due under the lease, not just those due and demanded.
The European Union is open to meaningful talks with Tehran without any precondition on the Iranian side, Reuters reported quoting an EU foreign policy spokesman as saying on Saturday.
A promising way to increase the accuracy and adaptivity of service discovery and recommendation, which is often neglected, is to filter services by matching the precondition of service execution and the context information of the service query request.
Netanyahu was referring to the Syrian demand for Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights as a precondition to peace talks, which Israeli politicians recently have divulged was agreed to during Netanyahu's first term as prime minister, in return for a complete peace and normalization of relations between the two countries.
Mr Netanyahu said the Israeli government would discuss East Jerusalem as part of what he called final discussions , but it could not be a precondition to direct talks.
The secretary of state, I assume with the full support of the president, has turned around after 10 months of negotiating the precondition of freezing settlements .
Occupied Jerusalem: The US has softened its language on a total colony freeze as a precondition for jumpstarting peace talks and is pressing Israel and the Palestinians to intensify efforts to re-launch deadlocked talks very soon, a senior Palestinian official said.