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Synonyms for preconception

preconceived idea or notion

Synonyms for preconception

a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

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In our cohort, maternal preconception PCB concentrations explained the highest variation in children's concentrations (15%), followed by prenatal (2%) and postnatal (< 0.
EVEN though we all have our preconceptions about a certain style of wine, trends come and go, mostly driven by the beloved wine buying public.
But not all of the burden for improving preconception care is placed on physicians and other health care providers.
No previous study has measured preconception D-dimer concentrations and repeated the measurements in the same women throughout pregnancy.
To assess the relationship between preconception binge drinking and unintended pregnancy, and to identify characteristics of women who binge drink in the preconception period, researchers analyzed data from 15 states participating in the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System for the years 1996-1999.
Because baby's organs are formed during this early period, preconception health is critically important--and often neglected by women who may be "at risk" for conceiving.
Oomman and Ganatra are worried that preconception sex selection will cause an unbalanced sex ratio.
Few people in the United States would use abortion for this purpose (the experience in India is different), but some are willing to use preconception sperm sorting techniques or even to create and biopsy embryos to have a child of the preferred sex.
So I designed an experiment to check if this is a false preconception or reality.
COURT'S OPINION: On Appeal, the Supreme Court of New Jersey found that the case presented an issue of first impression concerning recognition of and limitations on a physician's liability for a preconception tort allegedly resulting in harm to a child conceived after the negligence occurred.
The general preconception is that summer camp is just a great place to have fun and play practical jokes and that it is primarily for affluent families.
The New York Times Book Review said that despite the book's scholarly pose, "what animates it is preconception rather than investigation, cultural determinism rather than cultural inquiry.
Life Tech, a developer of scientifically-backed nutritional preconception supplements, including the over-the-counter fertility program, Fertili-T([TM]), has been endorsed by a feature podcast through the Conceive Magazine Web site.
The federal government has issued its new goals for improving public health by 2020, and they include a few new benchmarks for maternal health that touch on both preconception and postpartum wellness.
Atkinson said: "Netball is one of the fastest ball sports in the world which people don't really realise because there is still a preconception that it is played by girls at school at a slow pace.