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intelligence achieved far ahead of normal developmental schedules

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Two-character analyzes were performed to estimate the (co)variance components and genetic parameters of the MW character, with the birth weight (BW), weight gains from birth to weaning (WG) and after weaning (YG), and final weight (MW; in kg) characteristics, conformation (WC), finishing precocity (WP), musculature (WM) scores at weaning and conformation (YC), finishing precocity (YP), musculature (YM) scores at yearling, and final index (INDF).
There are those whose lives depict an inverted picture of prodigious success, illustrating an important principle of expert skill development--success is sometimes more a result of meritocracy than precocity.
The rootstocks that are used in sweet cherry directly affects the size and form of tree fruit size yield precocity and fruit quality.
Since age-of-entry is relatively narrow in range, future research in sport may also benefit from examining precocity with respect to different accomplishments, such as age at first all-star selection.
One initially suspends disbelief, accepting Dora's improbable precocity, Luka's repeated faints, and Dragnic's mirroring technique (e.
GnRH analogue stimulation test confirmed central sexual precocity.
The study aimed to evaluate the growth, precocity and production of three strawberry cultivars submitted to different root pruning intensities.
In the last 100 years, an increased premium has been put on speed and precocity with more two-year-old races.
History is also on his side as greybeards have traditionally done well in the Cesarewitch - more so than in most handicaps on the Flat - because the emphasis is on strength and staying power rather than speed and precocity.
winners so there is obviously some precocity in the genes and Kieren Fallon will also offer excellent assistance from the saddle.
He may also afford a convenient sign under which one may expatiate on and summarize the precocity frequently associated with the profession of the boy actors and the roles they played.
However, in exchange for sexual precocity and risk-taking, these rams often die younger than their more docile peers.
Brittain knows how to handle classy fillies but it is rare for one of his to show so much precocity at such an early stage.
According to one critic, "[s]triking, startling genius only can justify the exhibition of juvenile precocity.
You have seen the precocity that we have used in order to provide all the liquid assets.