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Synonyms for preclusive

intended to prevent

Synonyms for preclusive

made impossible


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dismissals are not preclusive, so the plaintiff remains free to re-file
123) A judgment generally has preclusive effect only against parties: a losing party is estopped from relitigating the claims and issues resolved by the prior judgment, while a similarly situated nonparty is not so bound.
As the appellate panel pointed out, because the mold issue was "actually litigated" in the district court proceedings, the district court decision may have a preclusive effect in circuit court.
value not to be preclusive and lockups of 17% of the deal value to be
In some cases, the majority opinion authors have to work hard to stretch a preclusive doctrine to fit.
Because the drafters aimed to clarify that class adjudication was preclusive of individual members' claims, and because the Supreme Court's decision in Hansberry v.
Hargis with respect to preclusive effect of rulings at the USPTO's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board on litigation in federal district court be having a knock-on effect on how the Board is conducting cases?
Will a court in another country enforce that judgment or determine that it has preclusive effect on claims or on other litigation under doctrines of res judicata, collateral estoppel, comity or other doctrines?
This Article proposes a framework for nonenforcement's reviewability--one rooted in considerations of "suitability" for review rather than notions of preclusive executive prerogative.
Preclusive undertakings may be more probable where a bullying issue is identified and considered to have detrimental effects on the organization.
Even so, adopting a posture of preclusive defense would also have drawbacks.
Because plea bargains typically contain only formulaic admissions, they have limited preclusive impact in future cases.
Jackson presciently warned of the danger of allowing the president to ignore Congress: "Presidential claim to a power at once so conclusive and preclusive must be scrutinised with caution, for what is at stake is the equilibrium established by our constitutional system.
Since the closure of that business and with no suitable alternative in the area, we were having to take all our asbestos waste to landfill in Middlesbrough, at considerable and ultimately at a preclusive commercial cost.
damages--and finally consider the case's preclusive effects in the