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of or relating to the early phases of a disease when accurate diagnosis is not possible because symptoms of the disease have not yet appeared

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Ambrx ADCs have preclinically demonstrated high potency and a wider therapeutic index than ADCs created using conventional nonspecific conjugation.
We believe these preliminary clinical findings corroborate the advantage of pretargeting we have observed preclinically over traditional antibody-directed radiation therapy in the delivery of higher therapeutic doses to tumor sites without simultaneously raising the toxicity profile of the treatment," commented Cynthia L.
One of the most interesting questions in all of rheumatology is this: Where does rheumatoid arthritis hang out in the body preclinically during the years following autoantibody formation but before symptomatic joint involvement?
Preclinically detected antidiabetic effects of bitter melon have to be analyzed in the scope of well-designed human studies.
Preclinically, trastuzumab has synergistic activity when combined with a variety of chemotherapy drugs, perhaps because it inhibits an important survival pathway making the cytotoxic effects of chemotherapy more potent.
The present results suggest that PLGA/ATCP bone screws should be further evaluated preclinically and may be well suited as alternative elements to presently used, pure biodegradable polymer based devices or composites using microsized inorganic fillers.
All critical analyses on commercial and other information available on traditionally known CNS active herbal remedies indicate that the most popular amongst such remedies are those which are clinically and preclinically the most well studied and which are also recommended for therapeutic purposes by the health authorities of many Western and other countries outside the USA (Kumar 2006).
We also rely on surgeons to help us characterize materials both preclinically if preclinical testing needs to be done.
To further assess whether hamsters infected with scrapie were also affected by kidney inflammation or other abnormalities of the urinary system, we examined the kidneys and the urinary bladders of 8 scrapie-affected hamsters at 84 days postinoculation and 4 preclinically infected hamsters at 49 days postinoculation for [PrP.
Ideally, youths who are at risk for chronic teasing would be screened and identified preclinically, that is, during that period of time when the child is beginning to be victimized but before the associated psychological or physical sequelae become overt.
A plaque-purified strain was adapted to Vero cells (from African green monkey kidney epithelial cell lines) and thoroughly characterized preclinically to confirm commonly agreed phenotypic criteria of attenuation.
Although serial CA 15-3 concentrations can preclinically detect recurrent/ metastatic disease, it is unclear whether the introduction of early treatment based on this lead time improves disease-free survival, overall survival, or quality of life for patients.
Chronic Wasting Disease in Preclinically Affected Elk from a Captive
It is also a potent inhibitor of EGFR and has been shown preclinically to inhibit the single mutation that causes half of all resistance in EGFR-positive lung cancer patients.
Preclinically, Verzenio dosed daily without interruption as a single agent or in combination with antiestrogens resulted in reduction of tumor size.