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Synonyms for preciseness

Synonyms for preciseness

clarity as a consequence of precision

the quality of being reproducible in amount or performance

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4 NB had a score of over 85%, both in accuracy and preciseness.
This phenomenon also promotes the element of preciseness especially in the content of the questionnaires (Arfi, 2010).
And with the brilliance of Filipino storytelling and journalistic preciseness, they highlight not just the dreary, but also the hopeful.
Because integral equation method only needs to discretize the bodied of abnormities, it has better preciseness, less unknown variables and it is convenient to be used in practice.
Its core strength is its founder and chairman, Mohamed Dekkak who has strategic vision about business operations and management, team work, human resources, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), innovation, technology and above all preciseness and perfections.
Keeping the accuracy and preciseness of studies conducted at the highest level possible is very important in terms of developing and pursuing beneficial clinical practices for patients.
The insoluble and indigestible fibrous fraction of feed, specifically indigestible neutral detergent fiber (iNDF), is extensively used due to preciseness in results (Piaggio, Prates, Pires, & Ospina, 1991).
You still have to answer the phone or a written letter with the same efficiency and preciseness.
Preciseness in alternate generation allowed the organization to latch on every possible opportunity, while preciseness of evaluation allowed them to come up with brilliant contingency plans that made the strategy as concrete as it could be.
From the preciseness of the American Declaration of Independence to the nuanced language of Shakespeare, how we communicate is a reflection of who we are and what we can become.
Norio Taniguchi, a professor at Tokyo University of Science, presented a paper at the International Conference on Production Engineering in which he wrote: "The finishing technology aimed to get the preciseness and fineness of 1 nm would be called nano-technology.
The Sovereign's instructions also dealt with the need for coordination among the national relevant institutions and for cooperation with the international specialized bodies in order to lend more preciseness and credibility to this study.
The availability of these services was limited however, and there was no high-level reference authority to ensure the preciseness and accuracy in measurements that is essential for strategic industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, defence and nuclear power," Dr Al Kbi explained.
ONA regrets any inconvenience caused by such hacking and it reaffirms that release of news would continue with accuracy, preciseness and honesty and respect for other countries.
The information spread by the media should not be rumors neither should it lack preciseness," he said in an intervention on the OTV channel about what was being circulated on four Lebanese citizens who were executed in Syrian prisons.