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Synonyms for precis

Synonyms for precis

a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory

make a summary (of)

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Mean and median scores were calculated for each study on every dimension, and the mean was plotted on the PRECIS "spoke and wheel" diagrams in Figure 1, unless the resulting distributions were extremely skewed, in which case medians were used.
There will be one prize available in total, consisting of 10 x pounds 100 voucher to spend at the winner's choice at any Precis concession or store nationwide excluding John Lewis.
The Precis range of rapid culture methods also includes the AFNOR-validated Listeria Precis method for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes from food, animal feed and environmental samples.
(2) Precis (Providing REgional Climates for Impacts Studies) is based on the Hadley Centre's regional climate modelling system.
An appendix provides a brief precis of moral philosophy from Socrates to the current day.
This is a precis of material reported by CCH July 25, 2005.
Those seeking something like a precis of her methodology might skip to the end of the first section to read her Bourdieu tribute: "'To Quote,' Say the Kabyles, 'Is to Bring Back to Life.'" Fraser is the least sentimental of writers (her prose tends to the pointed and analytic), yet here she narrates in personal terms the centrality of his thought to her practice.
Each chapter contains a skilfully executed precis of the explorer's biography and a detailed account of the journey undertaken.
Sadly, Perriand's descriptions of her own evolving design aims, working methods and projects are now scarcely recognizable, eg 'A l'emplacement precis des gestes a accomplir, des rangements neutres, incorpores a l'architecture, assurent le cote tres fonctionnel de chaque espace' has been rendered as, 'I also added neutral-colored built-in storage units'.
Using a method Groshen and Potter applied to the national economy in a 2003 report (see our September 2003 precis), the authors find that the share industries that experience structural change during recent downturns is much higher than it was during the downturns of the 1970s and 1980s.
Demonic possession and Satanism, scientific and biomedical terror, psychological horror, and the newest development, splatterpunk (an extreme and explicit version), round out the list: Each chapter includes a short precis and a list of representative authors.
Precis annote de la Loi sur les services de sant et les services sociaux.
The majority of the contributions are, as the above precis suggest, relatively narrow in their focus, and readers interested in a wider perspective on Bellori would be wise to read this volume in conjunction with L'Idea del Bello, with its more broadly conceived essays.