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Synonyms for precipitousness

the property possessed by a slope that is very steep

the quality of happening with headlong haste or without warning

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In resorting to it, employers were refusing to deal with the grey areas in breaches of discipline and were seeking to use dismissal as a way of avoiding what is really a complex issue, one that demands much greater attention before the offence happens and much less precipitousness when it does happen.
Neither Anne nor the narrator, who not only sympathizes with Anne but also intuitively understands everything she thinks and feels, can be accused of even vaguely alluding to such a possibility as Wentworth having fallen in love with Anne, so is all the presumption and precipitousness in the reader's head?
Patience not precipitousness might be the slogan Christians should be encouraged to adopt.
Hazel's reading of Hunca Bubba's betrayal is arguably one of those inevitable--and not so malignant--kinds of childhood misapprehensions that are finally nobody's fault: They arise out of the sheer precipitousness of the divide separating children and adults.
Whilst welcoming their work, he also indicated his awareness of the precipitousness of literary fame: 'Now let the book stand on the appointed library shelf in the long, long silence'.
In this book readers will not find any religious terms or rhetoric, we will not hear about the precepts of Zen or the justifiable arguments with God, the precipitousness of our place on earth facing the unknown.