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Synonyms for precipitous

Synonyms for precipitous

so sharply inclined as to be almost perpendicular

Synonyms for precipitous

done with very great haste and without due deliberation

extremely steep


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We are now on a level with the precipitous chain, or wall of lava, linking the two Breasts, and the view is glorious.
The sides of the valley were here nearly precipitous, but, as frequently happens with stratified rocks, small ledges projected, which were thickly covered by wild bananas, lilaceous plants, and other luxuriant productions of the tropics.
In the less precipitous parts we passed through extensive groves of the wild banana.
After a steep climb and a short walk they halted at the edge of a precipitous cliff and Schneider looked down into a narrow gulch where a single tree grew beside a tiny rivulet and sparse grass broke from a rock-strewn soil.
And really, looking at that place, landlocked from the sea and shut off from the land by the precipitous slopes of mountains, it was difficult to believe in the existence of any neighbourhood.
While the previous three years indicated a steady decline, last year's number shows an even more precipitous drop than in previous years.
Ontario manufacturing was supposed to benefit from the precipitous drop in oil, but it just hasn't happened.
Summary: Algerian state oil company Sonatrach says it won't cut back spending on its next five-year plan despite the precipitous decline of oil prices.
On August 19, I talked with Ricardo Romo, the president of the University of Texas at San Antonio, about managing growth in enrollment, precipitous demographic change, graduation rates and more.
AN unusual emergency interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve gave Wall Street a partial rebound yesterday from a precipitous early decline - and perhaps the first steps toward a long-term recovery.
Among the international collection of cities in which having office space is considered indispensable to a tenant's global ambitions, Manhattan, for all of its precipitous rental increases in the past few years, is surprisingly far from the most expensive.
Nirvana in a Cup chronicles the growth pains of a small business, and the frantic pressure of never having quite enough cash or energy to keep up with a precipitous growth rate of 430%.
As tall, elaborate, and luscious as Marie's precipitous hairstyles, the cakes at court are just a taste of the over-the-top royal consumption that led to the French Revolution and then to Marie Antoinette's beheading in 1793.
As the house twists and folds up the slope, the change in levels and a subtle shift in alignment creates a large triangular courtyard, a precious flat spot for al fresco gatherings and activities in an otherwise precipitous terrain.