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bringing on suddenly or abruptly

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It should be mentioned here, before discussing the precipitating structures in detail, which many workers have attempted to associate the sequence with the structures observed in the electron microscope using oxide replica technique.
Methods: One hundred and fifty admitted patients with hepatic encephalopathy were probed into for different precipitating factors, based on history, clinical examination and laboratory methods.
that the incidence of postdisaster infectious diseases is more related to the characteristics of the displaced population than to the precipitating event.
No systemic involvement or involvement of other head and neck sites was found The patient had been exposed to a considerable amount of dust during the construction of her house, and this may have been the precipitating factor in the development of her infection.
Minerals precipitating from the water could have trapped the remains of organisms.
Objective To study precipitating factors for falls among older people living in residential care facilities.
Precipitating the upswing were commitments by Transit Insurance company for 40,000 square feet of space at 275 Seventh Avenue, and NRS Publishing for 16,000 square feet of space at 111 Fifth Avenue.
Points of focus in the review include past definitional deficiencies, conflicting incidence figures, separation of painful and non-painful phantom limb phenomena, precipitating and relieving factors as enumerated by amputees, psychological versus physiological explanations, and treatment attempts.
Not suitable on its own for precipitating heavy metals complexed with chelating agents -- in addition, either a |topping up' procedure to increase pH or IMP HM1 or HM2 should be used.
Avanta AC[TM] Advanced Ceramics Precipitating Agents Offer Higher Performance Levels and Improved Processing Characteristics in Advanced Ceramic Nanopowder Manufacturing
We propose a novel route for precipitating silica in-situ in concentrated natural rubber latex followed by coagulation of the latex.
Treatment is aimed at the elimination of predisposing and causative factors, but because our patient denied any symptoms or precipitating factors and had a benign presentation, no immediate intervention was initiated.
In the July 7 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Kajander and his colleague Neva Ciftcioglu contend that nanobacteria live in urine and, by precipitating calcium and other minerals around themselves, induce the formation of kidney stones.
SPRI utilizes precipitating reagents and buffers to force nucleic acids and proteins out of solution and precipitate them onto the surface of paramagnetic micro-particles.