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Synonyms for precipitately

at breakneck speed


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Cautiously he approached the thing, ready to flee precipitately should it speak in its deep roaring tones, as he had heard it speak before, the last words to those of his kind who, through ignorance or rashness, had attacked the wonderful white ape that had borne it.
she could not have scurried away more precipitately.
It was with difficulty that Tarzan could find means to communicate with the natives, as the moment their eyes fell upon his companions they fled precipitately into the bush.
Rosa had fled so precipitately, that she completely forgot to return to Cornelius the three bulbs of the Black Tulip.
It is easy to say that the DOH should not have started the vaccination program so precipitately because of safety concerns that had not yet been resolved to everybody's satisfaction.
The United States Administration precipitately declared the 'war on terror' in what was a facile attempt to mollify domestic public opinion.
EARLIER this week, a legislator saw fit to 'warn' the Commission on Elections (Comelec) against precipitately going forward with a plebiscite on Charter change.
To precipitately embrace the new players without first dealing with African leadership offers no real prospect for African progress.
Militant attacks against modernism diminished precipitately in the trial's aftermath as many fundamentalist groups withdrew from modern society.
Struggling along below 70 wins can be particularly nerve-wracking, and if the rebuild isn't successful fairly quickly, members of the front office may feel job insecurity and precipitately decide to become buyers in the trade mart, prematurely promote prized prospects, or sign free agents too quickly.
Suppose a 'panic' lasts for the evening of the death when in haste and without thinking the accused acts precipitately.
Times change but steel is not a sunset industry like coal mining which instead of being run down gradually in a controlled manner was precipitately shut, foisting near irreparable social and economic damage on parts of Wales for entirely political reasons.
The Syrian refugees issue has brought German Chancellor Angela Merkel precipitately to Turkey twice and leaked texts of the talks reveal that bargaining was ignobly made over the lives of Syrian refugees.
Acting just as precipitately, they are pulling paper crude down - in many cases in panic mode: liquidation en masse, followed by panic-buying which causes prices to bounce back - as during the rest of the Jan.
Each researcher said Q2 worldwide PC shipments tumbled precipitately, with the former showing a 9.