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Synonyms for precipitate

Synonyms for precipitate

to put down, especially in layers, by a natural process


happening quickly and without warning

matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

Synonyms for precipitate

a precipitated solid substance in suspension or after settling or filtering

Related Words

bring about abruptly

separate as a fine suspension of solid particles

Related Words

fall from clouds

fall vertically, sharply, or headlong

hurl or throw violently

Related Words

done with very great haste and without due deliberation

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The shape of the precipitate is powerfully influenced due to the stresses present in the parent phase as the precipitates grow strongly.
Figure 2 shows that the presence of rotenone in the precipitate of the highest yield (natrium caseinate (3M)) and the availability of rotenone markers was confirmed using TLC.
Determination of total proteins in crude extract and ethanol precipitate of U.
It may be assumed that the mutual of formation and growth of the oxygen and carbon precipitates the reduces the rate of evolution of the size distribution function of the oxygen precipitates, regardless of the smaller critical size of this precipitate at the initial moment of time, as a result of the effect of the carbon impurity.
External factors were judged to precipitate almost 8% of the falls.
Because the consumer is "purchasing a promise" when buying an insurance product, if Washington's mismanagement precipitates the insolvency of a large carrier or causes the industry to fall into disarray, the money will be gone, but not the uncovered losses that will need to be reimbursed so that the economy can function and remain strong.
Before addressing this question however, we need to establish that copper oxide formed as precipitate inclusions at the time these wires were manufactured rather than having formed by oxidation or corrosion over time.
However, although the barium did precipitate radioactivity, the radioactivity simply could not be separated from it.
1 percent, and helped precipitate the continued slide of rental rates, from last year's $17.
Each metal will form a hydroxide precipitate at a certain pH, for example copper precipitates at approximately pH 9, nickel at about pH 10.
Select highlight results reported by prior operators and recent Precipitate rock samples include:
We concluded that it is reasonable from an energy perspective to precipitate lignin in the evaluated model mills.
The team knew that when added to untreated drinking water, this substance can precipitate ions, particles, and bacteria.
Increasing amounts of precipitate can be made to accumulate in cells by continuing the administration of the binary reagent.