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Synonyms for precipitant

Synonyms for precipitant

an agent that causes a precipitate to form

done with very great haste and without due deliberation

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Therefore, the taxonomy gives more priority to negative emotional states of intrapersonal-environmental determinants, so that this category is the most common precipitant of relapse (Cummings et al.
In Nakken's study which compared seizure precipitants in three twin registries, tiredness was the most common seizure precipitant, but physical activity was a precipitant in 6% of Norwegian population and only reported in 0.
8] used NaOH as precipitant to fabricate Cu-substituted NiZn ferrite and confirmed the formation of cubical spinel structure at all the temperatures for calcinations and sintering.
2001) found that the most significant precipitant was retirement.
The John Nurminen Foundation provided the plant with storage and precipitant dosing equipment.
But the environment is the precipitant rather than the underlying cause.
For the precipitant additions step, the disposable tip technology not only provides zero cross-contamination but also negates the need for time-consuming tip washing.
David Carnegie uses Webster's 'character' of 'A Footman' (in the sixth edition of Overbury's Characters in 1615) as a starting point for an investigation of the stage presentation of footmen in the early modern English theatre as runners and messengers, often Irish and/or drunk, whose comic routines include sweating, gasping for breath, and precipitant exits.
A Hindi version of the original Relapse Precipitant Inventory (RPI) was used to assess 'high risk' situations (16).
Stressors like the restrictive diet, fluid limitations, difficulty in attaining or maintaining full- or part-time employment, limited incomes and restricted social services are frequently the precipitant to a gamut of physical and psychological events.
The most frequent precipitant cause has been reported to be ACS, especially AMI.
Treatment for vasovagal syncope usually begins with simple things like avoiding a known precipitant (e.
What many schools are worried about is this dramatic change is causing a precipitant decline in modern language teaching and staffing in many of our schools, which could prove very difficult to reverse.
Along with the church, there is also the community's long history of uprooting and displacement to consider, a past that may shed some light on their precipitant, against-all-odds return in Katrina's wake.