precious coral

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the hard stony skeleton of a Mediterranean coral that has a delicate red or pink color and is used for jewelry

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Although the quantity of precious coral harvested in the Makapuu Bed was not great, it was sufficient to stimulate a long-term Sea Grant research program at the University of Hawaii.
When a guard tripped up at the V&A museum, he crashed into a wall of precious coral called Mesh, causing pounds 450 worth of damage.
People from across the region are invited to help improve the condition of Fujeirah's beaches and its precious coral reefs.
But the decision sparked protest due to concerns it would damage precious coral reefs.
Along with amber, precious coral may have also been used as a source of currency for trade by paleolithic man (Tescione, 1968).
Since its launch in Australia in 1999, The Quiksilver Crossing has traveled 76,312 nautical miles, discovered 98 waves, while documenting the health of hundreds of the world's precious coral reefs.
Because of this, no official Government records have been kept on the total amount of precious coral harvested in Japan.
Coralliidae are the most valuable and widely traded of all precious coral species (called precious because of their use in jewelry and home decor), but they are among the least protected.
I'm sure he would like to leave with a bang, and Precious Coral can start the ball rolling by taking the first division (3.
Serchuk; hydraulic dredging of clam resources in the Adriatic Sea; Mutsu Bay scallop culture, stock enhancement, and resource management; giant clam fisheries and stock enhancement; management of the Saharan trawl fishery for cephalopods; population assessment, management, and fishery forecasting for Todarodes pacificus; Pacific and Mediterranean precious coral fisheries, and world echinoderm fisheries.
Red and pink coral (also known as Corallium) are a type of deep-sea precious coral found in the Mediterranean and Pacific.
The bare form of that Yarmouth race is hardly earth-shattering, and in Ramamara (my idea of the winner) and Precious Coral, she's facing a couple of rivals dropping significantly in class.
Hawaiian Monk Seal, sea turtles, and precious coral reefs.
Over the years, Chii Lih Coral has played an influential role in repositioning the image and branding of precious corals.
We must act now to protect the country's precious corals and other marine wealth before they are lost forever," said Rep.