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Synonyms for precinct

Synonyms for precinct

the boundary surrounding a certain area

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a district of a city or town marked out for administrative purposes

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Smartmatic has made it look like its machines, located at voting precincts and canvassing centers, make for complete, seamless automation.
Wheeling Precinct 1 is moving from Wheeling Towers to Chamber Park, 213 N.
One Foleshill fire officer said: "Arsonists thought it would be funny to set fire to all the bins in the precinct which is not helpful.
Todays blessing marks the next step towards completion, with Ministry of Justice staff being the first to begin their move into the Precinct as fit-outs continue.
Measure 90, to create a top-two primary election system, failed in every precinct.
Ward 3, Precinct A: Acadien Social Club, 193 Parker St.
ACF and Melbourne-based Co-Design studio have developed a proposal to make Fisherman's Bend in Melbourne a world-class clean industry precinct.
With the opening today of the beautifully restored Central Park Precinct Station, we have updated a police station that dates back to 1936," said Mayor Bloomberg.
There isn't a week goes by when I don't ask our regeneration team at the weekly meetings about Aldi in the Eston Precinct.
The discovery of these "missing ballots" was presaged by previous reports and photographic evidence published in El Universal and later on the Narco News Bulletin showing that ballot boxes from at least three precincts won by Lopez Obrador were discovered in a Nezahuacoyotl garbage dump.
Accordingly, the board no longer supports the Precinct proposal," Jurys said in a statement, adding it had also terminated the due diligence being carried out by Precinct.
But Red Sea, the Israel-based group that currently holds a 24 per cent stake in Gresham, remains opposed to the Precinct move.
Lott spent most of his time pleading for precinct work on behalf of Republicans.
The Model Precinct may provide a creative solution to these dilemmas.
For each precinct he would determine the range of possible answers -- in other words, the smallest and largest number of blacks that could possibly have voted for each party given the precinct's total voting break-down.