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The data suggests that in order to bring the ODPs in line with their fellow professionals, a change from a mentorship programme where the 'old hands' teach the new starters (Pegg 1999) to a preceptorship programme that encourages and presents opportunities for further development was necessary.
Two of the most obvious (and potentially the most damaging) involve preceptorships and access of pharmaceutical representatives to physicians.
When talking about preceptorship, many people do not understand how this concept affects the practicing dental hygienist.
During the preceptorship, I had the opportunity to attend meetings with leaders of several associations, agencies and organizations including the TNA Board of Directors, the Tennessee Nurses Foundation Board, the TNA Government Affairs and Health Policy Committee, The Tennessee Professional Assistance Program Board, and the Tennessee Center for Nursing Board.
This person - selected primarily for his or her ability to listen carefully to what elders and caregivers are trying to express about their goals and issues - has undergone aptitude screening, six weeks of intensive classroom instruction and a six-month preceptorship with an already-qualified counselor.
This preceptorship time not only lends credibility, but also provides valuable working knowledge and an overview of what medical practice and quality of care are all about.
A new ASIM resource kit on internal medicine preceptorship programs aims to help ensure that this doesn't happen.
The initial phase of training is structured to include a two-week, on-site SCI preceptorship at the VA hospital in Richmond.
We will also be doing the major student survey this year, which might focus on preceptorship and how to bring more consistency to student nurses' experience on clinical placements.
The specific purpose of this study was twofold: 1) to investigate the psychosocial processes underlying an interprofessional preceptorship pilot for nursing and medical students in a rural health care setting; and 2) to promote interprofessional preceptorship development through evidence-based, qualitative findings.
Nurses who are returning to practice can come and talk to us about our return to practice pilot which we are running with Health Education North East and Teesside University, our preceptorship programme, career opportunities and training and development.
If so, we are looking for Band 5 nurses in the following areas: General Surgery Respiratory Care of the Elderly Acute Stroke Frailty What we offer: Excellent staff benefits, including an onsite Health Work and Wellbeing Service A comprehensive induction and preceptorship Dedicated support from the senior nursing team Career progression through training & development Flexible shift patterns Enquiries are more than welcome, please contact: Karen Barker (General Surgery) on Ext: 1745, Mike Babbs (Respiratory) on Ext: 2613 or Sue Noon (Care of the Elderly, Frailty & Acute Stroke) on Ext: 1205.
Preceptorship, mentoring and coaching are also available in the NHS--find out if your organisation has such resources and tap into them.
I am curious to learn whether others have experienced similar challenges with preceptorship programs at their facilities and, if so, do they have any solutions to share?