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teacher at a university or college (especially at Cambridge or Oxford)

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From Waldock's review, Waldock advocates for the role of a clinical facilitator in the clinical education environment to compliment the preceptor model and acknowledges that the facilitator-preceptor model requires further research to evaluate the effectiveness of this model in undergraduate nursing students (Waldock 2010).
However, this is not the requirement one needs to become a CPM; this is more similar to the requirement to be a preceptor of CPMs--those who pass "knowledge" on to others
She serves as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Alaska in the FNP Graduate Program, Preceptor for FNP students and Clinical Instructor for BSN students, has written various articles, and was selected for the Alaska Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental and Related Disabilities program, which provides graduate-level interdisciplinary leadership training.
In addition, the preceptor would attempt to ensure that the orientee had the opportunity to care for a wide variety of patient populations, but there was not a particular disease-specific focus.
Students are allocated and assessed by a preceptor in clinical practice.
This research article encompasses various aspects of life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a preceptor.
Literature was reviewed to determine best practices for integrating practice and education, preceptor development, and identify needs of new nurses.
I remember my preceptor very early on in my career taking me to the side and telling me that I was moving too slow and I was too disconnected from my patients.
The latest GP preceptor criterion for hospitals is a bachelor's degree or higher, or fellow doctors at least.
In addition, preceptor fatigue was occurring due to increasing demands on the limited pool of trained preceptors being repeatedly allocated to support increasing numbers of GRNs allocated to this unit, coupled with the need to provide on-going support to undergraduate nursing students and new staff (Charge Nurse Manager, personal communication, 20 August 2013).
In the fall of 2014, under the supervision of an OT preceptor, eleven OT students volunteered at the inaugural annual SHOW Health Fair, which provided health screenings, lifestyle management services, and connections to community health resources for over 280 individuals.
Elsevier is proud to have collaborated with ANPD to offer this innovative orientation program that complements Mosbys Preceptor, another successful eLearning course co-developed with ANPD, said Cindy Tryniszewski, MSN, RN, FAEN, Vice President, Clinical Content, Clinical Solutions at Elsevier.
To guide the search, the definitions of nursing preceptorship, rural, rurality preceptor and faculty advisor have been provided to clarify the context of the terms.
A selecao destes profissionais seguiu as regras ditadas pela Comissao Nacional de Residencia Medica (CNRM), que determinam que, para a especialidade Medicina de Familia e Comunidade, o preceptor deveria ser MFC formado atraves de residencia medica.
When a preceptor was too busy, the student would be left with a health care assistant/hospital aide or to do the paperwork.