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having precedence (especially because of longer service)

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two distinct but closely related forms of precedential obligation.
The PTO has promulgated guidelines for designating selected PTAB opinions as precedential and explicitly binding on the PTO.
Aguirre-Aguirre, (28) the Supreme Court made it clear that precedential BIA decisions interpreting the Act should be given Chevron deference.
In the mid-1970s, the federal courts of appeals began to issue opinions designated "unpublished" that were not typically published, citable, or accorded any precedential value.
The binding arbitration period will encompass 22-years commencing 2016 and no historic SESAC rates may receive precedential value.
A Supreme Court decision to not hear a case has no precedential effect, so it shouldn't have any implications for Texas," said Cynthia Meyer, a spokeswoman for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.
As a result, we conclude that the FISA courts should either publish all opinions that are precedential or cease writing precedential opinions at all.
In the end, the court handed down a precedential and groundbreaking ruling: The parents are entitled to a grandchild from their son's sperm.
The IRS stated in the AOD that it did not appeal the Tax Court's ruling because the case has limited precedential effect.
Issues of precedential scope are ever present and often controversial.
The enforceability of this patent was upheld in 2010 in a precedential ruling in the U.
But the presumption, I suggest, should be no precedential value for generalized factual claims--even if they are facts found in the U.
IN A PRECEDENTIAL DECISION ON April 29, the 3rd Circuit broadened the reach of the test to determine if an individual is an employee that the Supreme Court laid out in Clackamas Gastroenterology Associates v.
among other recent cases Outside the Ninth Circuit, to show the precedential danger of finding preemption where it might not exist.
As it is, the mandate forces behavior, but I think it's better for precedential purposes that the Court labeled it as a tax instead of forced commerce.