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Synonyms for precariousness

the quality or condition of being physically unsteady

the quality or condition of being erratic and undependable

Synonyms for precariousness

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2015; Vosko and Clark, 2009), it has had less to say about the related, subjective experience of precariousness (although see Neilson and Rossiter, 2008 for the political possibilities of precarity).
These attributes resonate with Judith Butler's notion of the precariousness of life, mourning and violence (20).
On the other hand, Aoun hoped that the security precariousness, which President Michel Sleiman had talked about, would not be premeditated.
It should be stressed that precariousness does not only describe the presence of the (anti-)community on stage but also affects the presence of the audience which oscillates between various identities, such as those of the spectator/gaze subject and actor/gaze object.
The precariousness of their fragile humanity in the vastness of space is powerfully foregrounded through wide-angle shots and a depth of field brilliantly enhanced by 3-D.
Butler seeks to foreground the precariousness of intersubjective life, open such conditions of precariousness to democratic public engagement, and so engender a reflexive approach to society's obligations to life and subjects' ability to live a socially viable life.
The different aspects of life that a few days of rain has ended up affecting exposes the precariousness of our systems.
He also explained that women and children are the most vulnerable populations of this lawlessness situation which plunges them in precariousness resulting from dependence on human assistance, deploring that the use of women in political propaganda is never denounced by the media and by the relevant international organizations.
of Wisconsin-Green Bay) describes how German playwright Wedekind (1864-1918) uses the concept of elasticity in response to the precariousness of modern life.
Before Chavez left for Cuba, he acknowledged the precariousness of his situation and designated Maduro as his successor, telling supporters they should vote for the vice president if a new presidential election was necessary.
Its future has not been helped by the perceived political precariousness of the wards in the area, vociferous and understandable local opposition and the incomprehensible delay in the Welsh Government exercising its planning powers to deal with outstanding planning appeals leading to a final resolution of this longstanding issue.
Yet, at the same time, "the deeper waged employment has decayed into a condition of precariousness and immiseration, the more prominent work and job creation have become as governmental responses to social problems," Barchiesi maintains.
The drop stemmed not only from Wall Street's ennui toward newspaper stocks but also the perception of financial precariousness at Lee, which had almost $1,000 million in loans coming due in April.
precariousness of her health condition," a Foreign Ministry statement said.
On Hegel: The Sway of the Negative offers an original perspective on Hegel's philosophy, a useful critique of modernity, and an inspiring call to attend to the precariousness of the human condition.