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He said from pre-empting the terrorism attempts to foiling these at first checking point are the testimony.
"The Committee on National Defense headed by Senator [Gregorio] Honasan -- as far as I know and this is all that I can say about the issue -- is very careful and very cautious about any inquiry into the effect, because we might be pre-empting moves by the Department of National Defense," Sotto told reporters.
(35) The FCC argued that there is a difference between pre-empting a state ban on telecommunications providers and pre-empting state laws regulating an industry that the state has already authorized.
King Abdullah II, talking with Trump over the phone, warned against pre-empting a comprehensive solution that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, according to official news agency (Petra).
Saints revealed the ground-breaking news when announcing their player had signed a new two-year deal with them and, although it is thought they jumped the gun in pre-empting an official announcement by the game's governing body, Lomax is expected to be joined by up to a dozen more elite young athletes.
International lawyers have, in the main, not remained content simply to defend the reality of international law as a rhetorical practice or specialized form of political discourse, argues Collins, but have attempted to defend its reality as an autonomous system of rules capable of cohesively regulating international relations and pre-empting the political freedom of states.
Charlotte Nelson, finance expert at Moneyfacts, said: "Shockingly, some providers, pre-empting the announcement, chose to increase their variable rate products, meaning the reductions have been offset.
The implementation is designed to reduce the airline's IT service-delivery costs while improving end-user satisfaction, raising productivity by anticipating and pre-empting operational disruption, and driving greater innovation across the airline's IT and service desk infrastructure.
However, ITV are pre-empting the annual frightfest with a new series bound to leave some terrified folks in danger of spilling their cocoa.
Badal further said, the men in uniform led by the Punjab Police chief had succeeded in limiting the magnitude of the damage and pre-empting a colossal tragedy.
"There is a lot of speculation and pre-empting of decisions.
Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar, DG ISI briefed the COAS about internal and external security situation of the country and counter terrorism operations and on the pre-empting a number of terrorist act and successful Intelligence-based operations.
When briefed on pre-empting a number of terrorist acts and successful IBOs, the COAS appreciated ISIs role in preventing numerous terrorist acts.
"I hope I'm not pre-empting anything here because we have got to wait and see what comes back from the blood test and the scan, but if it's positive and he's positive, then that's good news.
Pre-empting Estyn's findings, a new headteacher, with a history of working in "troubled" schools, has been parachuted in to set the record straight.