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Synonyms for pre-empt


Synonyms for pre-empt

a high bid that is intended to prevent the opposing players from bidding

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Speaking to Malay Mail, the Petrajaya MP believed that Lim had pre-empted the Cabinet due to Works Minister Baru Bian's conflicting press statement on June 22 where he said that any decision to purchase the highway concessionaires must go through the Cabinet first.
No Oregon court has had the opportunity to determine whether the FAA and ORS 701.640 conflict and whether the former pre-empts the latter.
"The Iranian regime is using terrorist Houthi militias to target the Saudi oil tankers in an attempt to pre-empt the US threats," said former UAE Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ahmed Al Sabab Al Teneiji.
The caretaker government is barred by the law from taking any decision or making a policy that may have effect or pre-empt the exercise of authority by the future elected government, entering into a major contract or undertaking if it is detrimental to public interest, entering into major international negotiation with any foreign country or international agency or signing or ratifying any international binding instrument except in an exceptional case.
It is not possible for me to pre-empt what the Prime Minister will speak during BRICS summit," he said in a press briefing.
"Now that Texas does have a statewide ban on texting and driving, I am calling for legislation that fully pre-empts cities and counties from any regulation of mobile devices in vehicles.
"I wouldn't like to pre-empt anything but I pre empt anything but I think if you do look at it, and look at it often enough, you do realise that these two guys met and Declan was probably just half a yard off it being a really good tackle.
"When you say pre-empt, that's sort of a loaded term.
Martin Weale and Ian McCafferty argued that the Bank needed to act now in order to pre-empt wage and inflationary pressures further ahead.
To avoid feeling disenchanted from one's career, it is ideal for people to start building a road map to success while they're still young and pre-empt any potential issues that may come along their way.
And councillors warned Redrow Homes not to "pre-empt" planning committees.
The opinion, from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, said federal law did not pre-empt the woman's personal injury claims under state law.
I wouldn''t want to pre-empt any decisions from the discussions which will take place during the budget setting period.
We are surprised Liverpool has moved ahead to pre-empt that outcome."
ANKARA, July 05, 2011 (TUR) -- International credit rating agency Moody's said Tuesday Turkish bank watchdog's decision to pre-empt credit overheating was positive.