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predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regions

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Scientists investigated how praying mantises are able to use depth perception to trigger a "raptorial strike" with their forelegs when prey is in reach.
Praying mantises use 3D perception, scientifically known as stereopsis, for hunting.
<B Research into the 3D vision of praying mantises at Newcastle University
Read and her colleagues have since confirmed research from the 1980s showing that praying mantises really do have 3-D vision.
Female praying mantises have been known to devour their partners' heads during or after mating.
Jenny Read wanted to see if praying mantises can see in 3-D.
THE STORY: In the fictional town of Ealing, Iowa, 16-year-old Austin Szerba and his best friend Robby unwittingly let loose a plague that turns humans into carnivorous praying mantises. The creatures are ravenous and horny, suggesting the prominent theme of teen sexuality: Austin is in love with his girlfriend, Shann, and with Robby; bisexual thoughts make for a love triangle of sorts.
13 ( ANI ): It is a well known fact that whales, bats, and even praying mantises use ultrasound as a sensory guidance system, and now a new study has found that ultrasound can modulate brain activity to heighten sensory perception in humans.
Rather than throwing chemicals at the problem, they use lady bugs, praying mantises and other predator bugs to keep the bad bugs at bay.
praying mantises, earthworms, and a single black salamander with yellow
He sees the Nazis' big guns as praying mantises, bombs as sauerkraut kettles and tanks as "colossal gray long-snouted beetles." His innocence is even seen in his desire to be a "jackboot" one day, as Nazis are described for their shiny boots, despite the fact that his entire world is being destroyed by these "jackboots." He only sees the reality at the end, as tortured Jews are transported.
Barney, is it true that female praying mantises eat the heads of their mates after they lay eggs?
16/06/2008, BOCAINA, BRAZIL PATRICK MCDONNELL, LOS ANGELES TIMES -- For as far as the eye can see, stalks of sugar cane march across the hillsides here like giant praying mantises. This is ground zero for ethanol production in Brazil, 'the Saudi Arabia of biofuels; as some have already labelled this vast South American country.
Chamberlain had earlier spent some time on Bardsey, but this is a very different world, one of donkeys and mules, praying mantises, cicadas, grasshoppers, armoured beetles, women shouting at the ghosts in the well, and blazing heat.
He tackles dozens of critters, including those on your lawn and garden as well as those in your house, and along with the annoying chiggers, hornworms and mosquitoes we find bumblebees, praying mantises, and even mud daubers, who at least provide hours of amusement.