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the common mantis

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Carle T, Horiwaki R, Hurlbert A, Yamawaki Y (2018) Aversive learning in the praying mantis (Tenodera aridifolia), a sit and wait predator.
When the praying mantis grows, he outgrows his body.
Banks said the insights gained from studying praying mantis vision could extend far beyond the insects alone.
Teaming up with a bunch of kids, he takes on a series of ghouls, including a gigantic praying mantis and an evil dummy.
"The animals looked in great condition and didn't seem frightened; Scott and Amber were reassuringly calm and patient with us and all the members agree that it was a fantastic evening with an hour of photo opportunities with the following animals: snake, meerkats, chameleon, bearded dragon, armadillo, praying mantis, baby crocodile, giant millipede and giant snails."
I hunt for the praying mantis eggs in fall when I clear out the greenhouse.
Wait, I'm going to ask this super smoking hot praying mantis.
The front end looks right out of a science fiction movie, if you were to build a mechanical praying mantis the headlamp assembly would fit like a glove.
Solace comes from companions as varied as a praying mantis, an otter, and her hundred-year-old grandmother, while resilience shows up in the stories of streams recovering from toxic spills and in communities weathering floods and town meetings.
On his way to meet his teacher, Twixy uses his loud voice to stun a threatening praying mantis. Finally he reaches the home of Dorian, his music teacher and he learns many wonderful things about how to control his voice.
Located at 607 North Sherman Ave, Iron Pagoda offers smaller, specialized classes in close quarters Chinese boxing (Southern Praying Mantis kung fu), Chen Tai Chi and Chi Gong (focused breathing), Women's Fit2Fight (Fitness focused Self-Defense), Women's Self Defense, Young Warriors Kung Fu and Get Fit in 30!
Daniel Fergie, from Eaglescliffe, with a praying mantis
Keeping the Praying Mantis is both a scientific and a practical guide for the feeding, housing, care and husbandry of these extraordinary invertebrates.
But the distance is such that objectors would need to have the 360 degree vision of a praying mantis to be justified.