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Synonyms for prate

to talk rapidly, incoherently, or indistinctly

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

Synonyms for prate

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A Parrot is for Prating priz'd, But prattling Women are despis'd; She who attacks another's Honour Draws every living Thing upon her.
During the Reconstruction era, President Andrew Johnson declared: "Whenever you hear a man prating about the Constitution, spot him as a traitor.
It's as if the dogmas propagated by these figures repressed a normal sexual/creative drive that mutated under wraps and eventually took over, leaving their souls the debauched caricatures prating dementedly before our eyes.
Now today the aged ploughman, shaking of his head, Sighs o'er and o'er that labors of his hands have fallen out in vain, and, as he thinks how present times are not as times of old, often he praises the fortunes of his sire, and cackles, prating, how the ancient race, fulfilled with piety, supported life with simple comfort in a narrow plot, since, man for man, the measure of each field was smaller far i' the old days.
Within minutes of entering his vehicle, the husband and wife begin prating about Jesus and pressuring the driver to worship with them.
Have you nothing to do at home in your house but that you must stand here prating and perverting the people?
A simple standard for anyone prating about the sacrifice needed to balance the budget: Begin by calling for fair taxes on the rich and corporations, for cuts in corporate welfare and in cold war-level military budgets.
At Drury Lane, handbills 'of a most inflammatory nature' were thrown into the pit, protesting against this 'mere prating Pantomime' and demanding that the audience should ban it from the theatre (The Times, 22 January 1798).
The successful test-firing of the Iran-made ballistic missiles yesterday was a firm response to the prating and talkativeness of the US officials who threaten the Iranian nation continuously," Dehqan told FNA in the Northern city of Semnan on Tuesday.
The Clio is big on safety, too, with a maximum 5-star Euro NCA Prating and six airbags as standard.
Within seconds the space was ablaze with movement and local color, a street scene of chaotic hawkers and prating mountebanks, most prominently Dr.
As to the bugaboo of paperwork of which facilities are always prating, that is the only way to document that care is actually given, that doctors' orders are followed, that medicines are given as ordered, and that the full picture of what is happening with a given patient is in the nursing notes of each shift.
Bill and Hillary seldom stop sermonizing on this issue too, while liberals listen complacently to the man from Hope prating on about church and family values as his wife snuggles up to the Just Say No crowd with remarks such as, "My theory is, don't do it until you're 21, and then don't tell me about it.
The June 14 election was a strong slap given to the US administration and the Zionists for their prating and insults against the Iranian people and their claims of fraud, censorship and lack of transparency in Iran's voting process," Jazzayeri said on Sunday.
8VVT-i at pounds 13,995 and all models have been given a five-star EuroNCA Prating for occupant safety.