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Synonyms for prate

to talk rapidly, incoherently, or indistinctly

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

Synonyms for prate

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The IRGC statement pointed to the insulting remarks made by US officials against Iran, and said, "The resolute and firm response of the Iranian nation to the prating of the Great Satan (the US) not only reminded the US officials of the necessity for giving up their arrogant attitude, threatening stance, and rude, unwise and failed stances, but also showed people's loyalty to the revolution and the establishment.
In the project file with Assembly Mode, when you click the command Mold Project Tools & Prating Design Tools on any part, the system will automatically activate the corresponding file.
Mr Miliband should have realised that fact by now and stopped prating about an entity which does not, and cannot exist.
There have been WWI movies that expose the hypocrisy of the home front--the prating schoolmaster in All Quiet on the Western Front, or the bishop in Joyeux Noel--but I can't recall a movie that spent more than an hour showing us the evils of jingoism.
A huge list of safety measures includes a maximum five-star Euro NCA Prating, a raft of airbags, deadlocks, immobiliser and alarm.
He proffers prating pronouncements of pismire presumption--two can play this game--when he writes, "[Coleridge] in his sadness offered a healing and a hope far more capacious and powerful than the paltry poultices and promises of the merely happy.
On the other is a small and select group of political tricksters prating sophistry of a most soothing sort in an attempt to fool the nation as to their real reason for their support of the Mormon delegate.
The poisonous political message behind his prating is that the West deserves what it gets and shouldn't complain when it gets it.
A Parrot is for Prating priz'd, But prattling Women are despis'd; She who attacks another's Honour Draws every living Thing upon her.
We ignore the public prating about "safe" sex and resolutely maintain our chastity.
It's as if the dogmas propagated by these figures repressed a normal sexual/creative drive that mutated under wraps and eventually took over, leaving their souls the debauched caricatures prating dementedly before our eyes.
Within minutes of entering his vehicle, the husband and wife begin prating about Jesus and pressuring the driver to worship with them.
Have you nothing to do at home in your house but that you must stand here prating and perverting the people?
The successful test-firing of the Iran-made ballistic missiles yesterday was a firm response to the prating and talkativeness of the US officials who threaten the Iranian nation continuously," Dehqan told FNA in the Northern city of Semnan on Tuesday.
The Clio is big on safety, too, with a maximum 5-star Euro NCA Prating and six airbags as standard.