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regrets, no final impediment, missteps bow to pratfalls
Nielsen, like Shakespeare, is all-embracing, celebrating heroism and humour, life's triumphs and pratfalls - the grand gesture and the sly wink.
Pratfalls, spit-takes and even a romantic triangle ensue, as well as one of the most mealy-mouthed messages ever: Change is good, but tradition is good, too.
Most of the pratfalls end in tears ( of pain for the team, laughter for us ( as we shake our heads in disbelief in such wanton displays of foolishness.
The preadolescents in the audience loved the slackers' kneepads, the pratfalls, the dancers scootching on their bottoms like toddlers.
Coyote's hapless attempts to catch the Road Runner remain iconic today because these films were legitimately funny, featuring pratfalls for the kids, innuendo for the adults, and the sort of quick, mischievous wit that transcended generational boundaries.
Ader's sad and funny visual embodiments of the anxiety of influence, portrayed in pathetic pratfalls (Pitfall on the Way to a New Neo Plasticism, Westkapelle, Holland, 1971, for instance), draw out a similar theme from Ray's photographs of himself wedged against a wall by a wooden plank--one realizes the artist must have felt wedged in by the example of Richard Serra and his "prop" sculptures.
His poetry is aggressively intelligent, full of pratfalls and rimshots, and, embracing low culture as readily as high, science as readily as literature, encyclopedic in a manner far more common to novelists such as Pynchon and McElroy.
Yet making the language do pratfalls for our amusement is a concept that seems to me essentially gauche and irritating.
Clowns Without Borders, however, uses pratfalls and hilarity to promote peace in places where even soldiers fear to tread--such as the refugee camps of Bosnia, Kenya, Nepal, Kosovo, and Chiapas.
He notes that "Millet's burlesque of strippers and pratfalls comes at a time when rival Anheuser-Busch seemingly can do no wrong.
doing pratfalls like a Jim Carrey or Chevy Chase character.
After a few pratfalls featuring Neve Campbell, the announcer says, "And you're in love with your boss's girlfriend.
Lazzi were one of the prime resources of the commedia actors, consisting of verbal asides on current political and literary topics, manifestations of terror, and pratfalls and other acrobatics.
However, by gathering information pertaining to the rental and registration history of the building at issue, owners and prospective purchasers should be able to more easily traverse the obstacle course known as Rent Stabilization with fewer stumbles and pratfalls along the way.