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Its prosiness and its pratfall humor for the Stepsisters were leavened by Yan Chen's spunky heroine.
Kids will whoop at each explosion and pratfall - while parents steel themselves for the inevitable pleas for a real guinea pig.
Following the commercial pratfall of 2007's Brave - the biggest flop of her career - JLo needed the career boost given to her by this album's charttopping lead single On The Floor.
Women in the developing world have an opportunity as they overcome the cultural and traditional barriers that inhibit them to step back and consider if the Western experience is progress worth emulating or a sociological pratfall worth sidestepping somehow.
There, perhaps, is the goal: to remove the clown boots, find gravity, blissfully slide down the wall, never pratfall again.
Delicious wordplay and a pratfall on every page tell the tale of Potch, who always wakes up happy, and his pursuit of Polly Pumpernickel at the masquerade ball.
Every pratfall is telegraphed in advance and a final showdown with the film's glaringly obvious villain is a deflating anti-climax.
For anyone who has studied the operatic stumblings of the Israeli lefta two-decade pratfall punctuated by short stabs of hope and long dives into agonythe surprise election of Donald J.
CBS sports outlet WIP Philadelphia went viral with a Chris Christie pratfall; Bubba is sponging up additional responsibilities; Bohannan reupped with Westwood One; Salem adds Levin is LA; and Bonneville upped its relationship with Marketron.
NICK Cotton's arm popping out of his coffin after EastEnder Ian Beale's accidentally hilarious comedy pratfall.
And far from bring a genius in government, he has limped and lumbered from one pratfall to another.
Glossaries provide explanations for terms such as pratfall or prosthesis, while stills from feature films and television work provide inspiration.
How many of us went to college because we thought it would be a fun ride, loaded with irony and punctuated by the occasional intellectual pratfall. Quite a few of us, it may appear, judging from this description of a curious subgenre.
For every advance, it seems, researchers must recover from another pratfall, necessitating steady development and, naturally, a cartload of patience.
But do CEOs and CFOs set themselves up for ethical pratfall; just by doing what almost everyone takes for granted -- trying to meet Wall Street's expectations?