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an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker

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The tiny parasite managed to enter into Prater's eye while he was cutting a tree at the Paintsville Lake in Johnson County.
The Prater athletics track (the Vienna Athletics Centre) was also the location for Henry Rono's 10,000 metres world record in 1978.
Prater has served as the Oklahoma County district attorney since he was first elected in 2006.
Prater recalled on discovering she won: 'My fiance, Jim, and I got out of bed as quick as we could to go check our tickets at the store near our house.
Hubbard and Prater (2017) were successful in delivering a text resource that should be 'in the bookcase' in clinical units where pediatric EKG findings need to be interpreted.
Prater serves in the Bradenton office, where he guides and advises agents, facilitates transactions, and assures cohesiveness between all the facets of the company that include administration, accounting, the Multiple Listing Service and in-house ancillary services.
Prater will retire from these roles, effective March 10, 2017.
Surrounded by other kids, Sophia Prater, 4, smiled widely from the train ride as her father, Jake, filmed her on his iPhone.
Heath Prater, of Chapter 98, Anniston, Ala., said he was "either too tired or too busy to remember a lot."
Daniel Prater opened the scoring for Saint Ignatius Saint Aidan's Sunderland at Saint John's Snod's Edge.
It took Daniel Prater 60 seconds to put Saint Ignatius Saint Aidan's in front.
Novomatic has been awarded casino licenses for its existing casino in the Viennese public park Prater and for a new location in the town of Bruck an der Leitha, in the state of Lower Austria.
 Det -- Tate 51 pass from Stafford (Prater kick), 11:22.
 Det -- C.Johnson 25 pass from Stafford (Prater kick), 12:55.