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Synonyms for prankish

naughtily or annoyingly playful

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True, were not all as recognizable or as prankish as Virgin's chief executive.
Blinded by their obvious intent to get Qadri, the hierarchy couldn't perceive that with its shenanigans and prankish antics, it was creating the conditions for the violence to break out certainly and disturb peace and tranquility in the province.
(9) Although this sentence appears in both versions of the story, it is the longer one (Hateship) that especially underscores the fact that it may all be a farce, a prankish game on the part of Fiona.
There they meet the harsh chief of medicine Dr Bob Kelso, Dorian's reluctant mentor Dr Perry Cox, nurse Carla Espinosa and the prankish Janitor.
The recurrent issues in the texts were self-presentation (general data description identification such as name and age); physical self-description (focusing on characteristics such as skin color, eyes, hair and height) and emotional (happy, lazy, playful, anxious, timid, 'best', 'house star', prankish, impatient, intelligent); daily activities (walking, family day, jokes, routines at home and at school); personal preferences for people and food; events (birthday parties, family gathering); their own birth and birth of brothers and sisters; and the facts about the choice of their name.
Anyone who has taught in a large regional public high school like mine knows that such duty may present challenges such as unhappy students who are rude to cafeteria servers and don't bus their trays; who make unhealthy food choices (despite whatever nutritional instruction health classes might offer) or, worse, have no healthy food choices available at all; who start food fights or waste or play with their food; who become racist, snobbish, heterosexist, prankish, mean, belligerent, or sick, or even have epileptic seizures; who come up to you and want to share a triumph, vent a grievance, tattle, joke, chat, or get advice.
something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or prankish act
The whimsical word-play flows from a tap-dance of prankish internet-styled banter which is borderline silly but nonetheless very engaging in an offhandedly smart way.
"Music will complement it, but those are the stars of the show." "I think everybody and their brother knows that food is the new rock 'n' roll," said Justin Warner, 28, a chef at Do or Dine, a Brooklyn bistro known for both its Michelin-recognised cuisine and its prankish spirit.
What in the 1970s must have felt prankish and provocative now feels apocalyptic.
(196) Cyberterrorism is more than mere prankish hacking, mischievously disrupting nonessential services, or costly nuisances.
In her hand she bears a lamp, by which alone her figure and face are illuminated; and her features wear such an arch smile, as well becomes a pretty woman when practising some prankish roguery; in the background, and, excepting where the dim red light of an expiring fire serves to define the form, in total shadow, stands the figure of a man dressed in the old Flemish fashion, in an attitude of alarm, his hand being placed upon the hilt of his sword, which he appears to be in the act of drawing [ ...
Late the previous afternoon, a prankish Norman, with a simple
They were swift sketches and frequently exquisitely beautiful and more important they were perfectly well-suited to his prankish temperament.
the Beethoven film series, rounding out characterisations of the dogs as smart and brave, protective, huggable and affable, but also with an independent streak that can veer to stubborn or prankish.