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Synonyms for prance

Synonyms for prance

to walk with exaggerated or unnatural motions expressive of self-importance or self-display

Synonyms for prance

a proud stiff pompous gait


Related Words

to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others

spring forward on the hind legs

cause (a horse) to bound spring forward

ride a horse such that it springs and bounds forward

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During a fraud trial jurors heard Prance and Mr Elliott, who died in May 2016 after being treated for kidney failure, had been friends for 35 years through their shared love of rugby.
Defence barrister Heath Edwards said PS10,000 had been retrieved at the time of Prance's arrest and, since his conviction, the defendant had found the money to repay the rest.
Then the relationship turned sour and the case came to court because Mrs Rowe demanded half the value of the boat - and got it - which has outraged the appositely-named Mr Prance. "I feel absolutely numb about the whole thing," he complains, his wife weeping at his side.
Struggling businessman Prance was found guilty of dishonestly "helping himself" to the savings of his friend of 35 years, Ken Elliott, after being granted Power of Attorney over his finances.
Prance brings a variety of experience to the position, having started his first company at the age of 18 and launching countless product-based online businesses over the next 10 years.
RAUNCH AND ROLL Britney and her dancers prance around in the saucy video for single 3
The family are Steven Prance, 47, sisters Jacquie Wood, 53, Christine Mills, 52, and Ceri Howe, 43, brother Carl Prance, 49, and Carl's mother-in-law Lilian Grainger, 71.
Of course, being able to prance about wearing very few clothes will also help.
In an emblematic image taken from a comic-book cover, Superman hefting a car has stiffened into a downcast prance, and the famous imprint's name has been changed from Action Comics to Act On Comics.
On November 6, Agence Prance Press (AFP) reported that Turner believes "it's very possible that the UN will come out of it [the war] much stronger than it was before," since "unilateralism and our action on that war hasn't been that successful for the United States, and Britain." "We might," he told reporters at UN headquarters in New York City, "learn a lesson and give this preemptive war and unilateralism another thought."
The choreographer added a new twist by bringing Tybalt and Mercutio back to life as ghosts to hover over, Juliet, along with a puppet figure of Death, carried on the back of a dancer, to prance with glee in the square.
RAINFORESTS OF THE WORLD By Art Wolfe and Ghillean Prance (Harvill Press, 30 [pounds sterling] hb)
Paul and Brenda Zimmerman, the owners of this Pennsylvania farm, have taken up an enterprise on the side -- "alternative livestock." Ostriches prance in front of the silos, camels stretch out their necks to peer at their bovine neighbors, zebras chomp on grass in wide pens, and Alaskan reindeer stroll about while molting from the heat.
Graeme Prance, 53, drained Ken Elliott's savings after the widower gave him Power of Attorney over his financial affairs.