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full of or giving praise

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Li Zhao, a professor at Hangzhou Normal University in China and a co-author of the papers, said children who are praised for being smart "feel pressure to perform well in order to live up to others' expectations, even if they need to cheat to do so." She added that adults needed to learn praising children in a way that didn't promote dishonest behavior.
This indicates that although the initial training was somewhat helpful in increasing teacher praise, the real change in praising behavior occurred after the teachers engaged in self-reflection of their own practices.
With amazing eloquence and skillful use of words, Mqhayi presented what would appear to be praising at a shallow glance, but the deeper meaning of some of the words used in this praise poem pointed to the contrary.
Instead of migration to a friend and praising, ordered their journey to the holy places to pilgrimage and the hardness of the way and the places where they were going.
I like praising my children because I think that it gives them self-confidence and I don't want to stop.
Their mother, Sujoyita Ghosh has put the star system in place and knows the art of praising and punishing her children.
Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice.
By praising the little things they do, you will be showing them you have noticed the efforts they have made.
In his opinion, the focus should be on what specifically they do want them to do, praising the approved behaviour as soon as it is displayed.
(AP) --The Alabama House and Senate passed separate resolutions praising Birmingham News reporter Brett Blackledge, who won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative stories that exposed corruption in the state's two-year college system.
Sharon Hodgson, MP for Gateshead East and Washington West, has tabled an Early Day Motion praising the 18% rise in passengers using Go North East.
A welcome and treasured addition to family, Sunday School, and Christian preschool CD music collections for very young children, "Sing, Little Children, Sing" is an impressively entertaining and inspirational collection of twenty-five Bible-based nursery songs selected and performed by Becky Degan in a style that will engage the young listener in the joys of praising God's creation and appreciating the good things of Christian life.
Place a simple instrument (stick, spoon, pots & pans) in their hands and let them experience the rhythm of the tune while praising God.
Praising the process the child used encourages the child to consider praiseworthy behaviors as under his or her control.
Pruett, a Christian for 43 years, openly shares that she has only experienced praising for 20 of them.