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Synonyms for praise

Synonyms for praise

an expression of admiration or congratulation

the honoring of a deity, as in worship

to express warm approval of

to pay a compliment to

to honor (a deity) in religious worship

Synonyms for praise

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If you have any enquiries, and to book, contact the Songs of Praise team at SOPcongregations@avantimedia.
Then the Lagos City Choral held the audience spell bound with soul inspiring praise worship songs before Bukola Akinade popularly known as Senwele Jesu mounted the stage.
Only in this way, will praise have the intended positive outcomes," she said.
MAHARAJ'S LOUNGE 33 BRIDGE STREET Another popular Indian restaurant is Maharaj's Lounge on Bridge Street which customers praise for its fabulous food and warm welcome.
When clients tell me they want to improve their customer service, I suggest they fight the negativity bias and challenge them to make praise part of their daily routine.
s, (2007) study using visual performance feedback to effect teachers' use of behavior specific praise resulted in an increase in use of praise for all three participants, although, results for one of the participants were variable.
It is, however, mainly through informal recreational activities that praise poetry penetrates Xhosa people from the early stages of their lives.
Be discerning: Don't make your child so reliant on your praise that their willingness to do anything depends on it.
In general, at that time Exquisite was a criteria and scale for the innovations of poet, these odes were adorned in praise of the Prophet which known as "The Exquisite of prophetic prayers .
Use praise rather than rewards when encouraging kids to try something new and acknowledge it when you see skills come easy to them.
Potential licensees in the toy and game products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Praise Ball on a worldwide basis.
P]arents, music educators, and music teacher educators should be cautious when using praise toward a child's musical performance.
The praise came in a statement by the mufti to Saudi Press Agency.
Pakistan and India share one of the fiercest rivalries in world sport and the near-universal outpouring of praise for Tendulkar, the only man to score 100 international centuries, was a rare moment of agreement.
Teacher praise is an instructional behavior that is an essential element of effective instruction (Emmer, 1988; Heward, 2003; Sutherland, Wehby, & Yoder, 2002).