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a treeless grassy plain

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It was a great object with Captain Bonneville to get to the mountains before the summer heats and summer flies should render the travelling across the prairies distressing; and before the annual assemblages of people connected with the fur trade should have broken up, and dispersed to the hunting grounds.
It is not easy to do justice to the exulting feelings of the worthy captain at finding himself at the head of a stout band of hunters, trappers, and woodmen; fairly launched on the broad prairies, with his face to the boundless West.
They found the prairies saturated with the heavy cold rains, prevalent in certain seasons of the year in this part of the country, the wagon wheels sank deep in the mire, the horses were often to the fetlock, and both steed and rider were completely jaded by the evening of the 12th, when they reached the Kansas River; a fine stream about three hundred yards wide, entering the Missouri from the south.
The belts of woodland that traverse the lower prairies and border the rivers are peopled by innumerable swarms of wild bees, which make their hives in hollow trees and fill them with honey tolled from the rich flowers of the prairies.
Be all this as it may: the course of our party of bee hunters is to make a wide circuit through the woody river bottoms, and the patches of forest on the prairies, marking, as they go out, every tree in which they have detected a hive.
At one time, when pursuing a war party by their tracks across the prairies, he repeatedly discharged his rifle into the prints made by their feet and by the hoofs of their horses, assuring his followers that he would thereby cripple the fugitives, so that they would easily be overtaken.
The Division of Sciences and Mathematics (LSU-E), the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society, and the Cajun Prairie Gardens.
WHATLEY Manor, a 23 bedroomed peaceful retreat in the heart of the Cotswolds, has introduced a new 60 minute 'La Prairie Marine Youth Protection Treatment', to add to its collection of La Prairie experiences.
In Post-Prairie, the editors, Jon Fiorentino and Robert Kroetsch, complain that "the prairie was missing" from the poems that they collected in this anthology.
Most researchers acknowledge that restoring a prairie to a state free of human intervention is impossible.
The first roses planted by homesteaders and early city residents were often not cold hardy to the Prairie region and winter killed.
Native prairie plants are plants that originated naturally on the prairies of Canada and the United States.
In and through their readings of prairie writing, literary scholars (most notably Henry Kreisel, Laurie Ricou, and Dick Harrison) have constructed a "generalized prairie reality" (6) in which "landscape dominates culture and geography effaces history" (8).