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the study of language use

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Among their topics are misunderstanding and miscommunication in conversational humor, (im)politeness: metalinguistic labels and concepts in English, contrastive discourse relations in context: evidence from monological and dialogic editing tasks, pragmatics and multimodality: a reflection on multimodal pragmastylistics, and the meaning and context of aesthetic statements.
Packaging giant Avery Dennison has invested in UK-based flexible transistor technology firm, PragmatIC.
It needs to be emphasised that historical pragmatics can reach beyond teasing out from the written text features of spoken discourse and identifying pragmatic markers which organise that discourse in the historical-linguistic context.
A pragmatics stylistics method of teaching indigenous poetry does not contribute to the development of the pragmatic competence of students in EFL context.
Due to variation in pragmatic norms between NSs (Felix-Brasdefer & Koike, 2012), rating of pragmatics is even more subjective than that of other areas (Ishihara, 2013), and thus it is especially worth investigating.
It was through Rudiger Zimmermann, the Chair in English Linguistics at Marburg, that I came across pragmatics.
Getting to the root of the problem: Understanding how preschool language, self- regulation, and pragmatics are related to externalizing problem behaviors in Kindergarten.
Most research has focused on forms related to the request head act, while modifiers have received less attention from interlanguage pragmatics scholars (Hassall, 2001).
Among their topics are the semantics and pragmatics of causal connectives, simultaneous speech in American English and Spanish telephone closings, some insights into variational pragmatics in Chinese from an empirical study, the evaluative function of cohesive devices in three political texts, and zoo-pragmatics studying performative acts among animals.
Pragmatics also concerns the mastery of discourse, cohesion and coherence, the identification of text types and forms, irony, and parody.
Pragmatics refers to the ways that words are used in everyday conversation that do not match up to their technical, dictionary definitions--slang, figures of speech, etc.
Pragmatics is "[the study of] the use of linguistic and non-linguistic capacities for the purpose of communication" (Perkins, Pragmatic 10).
BALTIMORE -- Poorly developed pragmatics skills in preschool children can impair communication, and require evaluation and intervention, according to speech expert Froma P.
As educators of foreign and second languages debate the most efficient methods of implementing pragmatic instruction in the L2 classroom, is it possible that Spanish pragmatic instruction is not necessary if American Spanish pragmatic norms are no different than American English norms?