pragmatic sanction

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an imperial decree that becomes part of the fundamental law of the land


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At the height of his career, Jouffroy drew the well-known wrath of Pius II because he shifted his loyalties to defend the interests of a new patron, King Louis XI, during France's renegotiation of the Pragmatic Sanction. For this the French king rewarded Joufftoy in 1464 with the abbacy of Saint Denis.
However, the famous Pragmatic Sanction of 1713, one of Charles VI's first public acts, in effect deprived the daughters of Joseph I, and established that the new principle of primogeniture would begin with his own children.
The Pragmatic Sanction assumed that males would come before females in order of inheritance, but if there were no male heirs, then a female could inherit all the powers and rights due to the head of the house of Habsburg.
The country really needs a party of Restoration; a party capable of fulfilling some obvious and common-sense policies, prepared to cut Gordian Knots and proclaim a few pragmatic sanctions.