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After the conquest of Italy (272 BCE), a second praetorship was established.
Vespasian's praetorship, coming a mere six years after his quaestorship.
34 Interestingly, there are no cases of comparatio among the praetors on record; this may be due to the fact that the creation of a second praetorship in 242 and of others subsequently probably came about through legislation that specifically prescribed sortition for the division of provinces between praetors.
Birth and early career unknown; following his praetorship, he campaigned against the Mauritanians and was the first Roman to cross the Atlas mountains (41); suffect consul (chosen to fill out the office of another) (42); as governor of Britain (58-61), he moved against the Druid stronghold on the Isle of Mona (Anglesey), but was caught unprepared by Boudicca's revolt (61); abandoned Londinium (London) and Verulamium (St.
Meanwhile he conferred the praetorship on Libo and often invited him to his table, showing no unfriendliness in his looks or anger in his words (so thoroughly had he concealed his resentment")).
However, Plutarch places Marius back in Iberia immediately after the praetorship year.
When Bestia applied for the praetorship later in 56, he wanted to silence Caelius in order to preempt another attack by his enemy, and so Clodia and Bestia worked together, like political allies, against Caelius, using the public criminal court for their private purposes.
The poet had hoped to be a dinner guest of Publius Sestius, the morose and violent tribune of 57, who, by 54, had risen to the praetorship.
Favonius a praetor of 50, and Sumner maintained that his praetorship "is not assured,"(1) Favonius has been assigned a praetorship in 49 by a consensus so overwhelming that his service in that post in that year is no longer considered controversial.
7) Yet, he won his praetorship place a few years later, says Plutarch (Sull.
Plautius Hypsaeus (cost 125), who would be ruled out in any case by the fact that the governors of Asia are all known for the years in which his praetorship could have occurred.
4) The nine-year interval between Macerio's tribunate of the plebs in 131 and a praetorship in 1122 is somewhat longer than the average, which is five or six years, but not problematic: cf.
If that indeed is the meaning of the phrase in the Argive inscription, the only Fabius Maximus available for service in Greece at that time would be Servilianus, the consul of 142, serving as proconsul after his praetorship ca.
We do not know the date or nature of his praetorship which is usually placed before 141 B.