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the tent of an ancient Roman general

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"To ensure new players are able to enjoy the cutscenes in Castrum, Meridianum and the Praetorium, all cutscenes in these dungeons can no longer be skipped," Square Enix noted.
A organizacao pesquisada e o Instituto Praetorium, que atua no ramo do ensino, pesquisa e atividade de extensao em Direito.
Shimon Gibson ("The Trial of Jesus at the Jerusalem Praetorium: New Archaeological Evidence") makes a strong case that the well-defended gateway with an inner courtyard, which has been uncovered on the western side of Herod's palace, is the Gate of the Essenes.
They are incredible to view, including the Les Ferreres Aqueduct, the amphitheatre and the Praetorium. If all these activities would leave you a little exhausted, we found the perfect place to unwind - the Aquum Spain Estival Park La Pineda.
8); Garde-Chatel in Normandy (1660), with a network of paths connecting scattered hermitages; San Juan de la Cruz in the Busaco Wood, near Coimbra, Spain (1627-94), with a grandiose life-size reproduction of the original Via Dolorosa, including twenty monumental stations along a four kilometer route (Pilate's praetorium, the house of Caiaphas, the Holy Sepulcher, etc.); St.
Pese a ello, pudiera ser que el termino praetorium hiciese referencia a un lugar concreto y ademas a la naturaleza palatina del edificio en cuestion o, incluso, que fuese un termino para designar ambas cosas a un mismo tiempo (ibidem) y por lo tanto no tuviese que encontrarse el complejo palatino en el suburbium.
Another important step can be found in the proclamation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, (8) which brought new blood to the debate about the writing of a European Constitution (9) and the possibility of a Bill of Rights at EU level, (10) since it attested the possibility of providing rights with a written dimension at supranational level, overcoming the ECJ's logic of ius praetorium in this field.
He mocks Oldbuck's assertion that a certain eminence of the hill marks the praetorium of the ancient camp by interrupting, "Praetorian here, Praetorian there, I mind the bigging o't" (remember when it was built) (30).
Genesius then admonished Diocletian and all present to believe in Jesus Christ, whereupon the enraged emperor ordered him to be beaten and then turned over to Plautian, the prefect of the praetorium, who had him put on the rack, torn with iron hooks, and burned with torches.
But the burden of John's Gospel is the story of Jesus' passing through the tortuous birth canal that stretched from Lazarus' tomb to his own tomb, with all the stops in between, including the Temple, Gethsemane, Pilate's Praetorium, and finally being "lifted up" on Golgotha.
There is no time here to explore the large terrain opened up once the temporal sphere is confronted by truth--even if that confrontation is as mild and understated as when Jesus responded to Pilate's questions in the praetorium.
Pilate passes back and forth between the outer courtyard, where the Jewish leaders (now simply "the Jews") are, and the inner praetorium, where Jesus is held, seven times.
First, through Simon, a Cyrenian, who happened to be passing through Jerusalem just when Jesus was being led under guard from the Praetorium to Golgotha.