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an annually elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic


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The Praetor 500 surpassed its certification goals achieving an intercontinental range of 3,340 nautical miles (6,186 km--NBAA IFR Reserves with four passengers), a high-speed cruise of 466 KTAS, a full-fuel payload of 1,600 lb (726 kg), a takeoff distance of only 4,222 ft (1,287 m) and an unfactored landing distance of 2,086 ft (636 m).
The states relation to one another remains uncertain: there is no praetor to settle the disputes; the higher praetor is the universal spirit existing in and for itself, the world spirit" (Hegel 1996a, 325) (2).
Revision of North American Aleiodes (Part 4): the albitibia and praetor species groups in the New World.
This man, when the praetor was giving magnificent games and distributing largesse very freely, being unable to tolerate the disorderliness of the people who were often demanding many gifts to be given to the unworthy, in order to demonstrate that he was both generous and despised the multitude, summoned beggars from the Vatican and loaded them with rich gifts.
Fourth, we evaluate the quality metrics of forming the Praetor front in different numb er of decision variables.
Third, it may be used praetor legem or outside the law, i.e., when the law is unclear.
After reviewing theories on the nature of the praetor urbanus, he traces the official's evolving jurisdiction from the fifth through the fourth to the third centuries BC.
He was captured and escaped twice and served as Praetor Urbanis or civil judge.