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an annually elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic


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This man, when the praetor was giving magnificent games and distributing largesse very freely, being unable to tolerate the disorderliness of the people who were often demanding many gifts to be given to the unworthy, in order to demonstrate that he was both generous and despised the multitude, summoned beggars from the Vatican and loaded them with rich gifts.
La excepcion del error inexcusable es una excepcion clasica, que deriva de la aplicacion de la maxima De non vigilantibus non curat praetor.
After reviewing theories on the nature of the praetor urbanus, he traces the official's evolving jurisdiction from the fifth through the fourth to the third centuries BC.
en la jurisdiccion del praetor peregrinus, y, por otro lado, en los procesos entre ciudadanos romanos que hacian valer relaciones juridicas nuevas no susceptibles de ser encuadradas en el esquema de una legis actio.
He was captured and escaped twice and served as Praetor Urbanis or civil judge.
Chased by Praetor Claudius Glaber (Craig Parker), Vengeance is a heady mix of gore, sex and dirty tricks.
sed praetor paternos spiritus uxoris quoque Plancinae nobilitate et opibus accendebatur; vix Tiberio concedere, liberos eius ut multum infra despectare.
Italy has retained a conventional helicopter arrangement for the 14-kg Oto Melara Ibis, which has a battery that can be recharged by landing it on the same company's Praetor UGV (unmanned ground vehicle).
At that time, the diversity of Rome's population led to the appointment of a special praetor to handle cases of those who were not Roman citizens.
Emperor Romulus Augustus Obamatus summoned Praetor Lockatus.
Marcus Aper, originary from Galia, influent lawyer, former praetor, he is the defender of the newer eloquence, 1st Century BC.
suggesting that the best reading "would make Gregory urban praetor,
Thus having lesser imperium than that of a consul (that of a praetor or a private citizen), achieving victory in a province other than the one assigned by the senate, or having no unambiguous victory (no major battle or a battle in which your army suffered numerous casualties) might be seen as potential disqualifying circumstances.
Later, the title of praetor was used for the "lesser brothers" of the consuls, who served as ministers of justice.