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a permanent executive committee in socialist countries that has all the powers of some larger legislative body and that acts for it when it is not in session


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That said, we also recognize there may very well be additional value to this unique, innovative software platform and look forward to input from Praesidium as well all other stakeholders that could lead to meaningful value creation.
Hari Bhambra, Senior Partner, Praesidium LLP said: "The DIFC QIF regime is an example of a fast track regime and process that does not compromise on quality or due diligence standards.
It is the obvious and immediate choice for today's digital natives and is being accepted by enterprises of all different sizes as a smarter, more cost effective way to deliver services," said Simon Collins, WeDo Technologies' Vice President for business consulting division, Praesidium.
I've been doing this for 25 years,'" says Rick Dangel, the president and CEO of the Arlington, Texas-based Praesidium Group, an abuse risk management consulting firm.
si occupa di un caso molto particolare: le parole praesidium domus familiaeque (64.
Duos Technologies of Jacksonville, Florida, has introduced the PRAESIDIUM sensor detection suite, which analyzes and processes incoming video and sensor feeds to detect specific activities and events.
As well as seeing a rise in demand for general employment advice in the face of increasing legislation in the field, the team's expansion has also been fuelled by increased use of its specialist services, HR Assist and Praesidium employment law insurance.
More 600 volunteers are required to take part in the Praesidium II event to show how life would have been in the Wallsend Fort's Roman community.
Al-Zarqa'/Maximianon, is a Roman praesidium (fortified station) on the road from Koptos (modern Qift) to Myos Hormos (modern Quseir) (Figure 1).
Among other works featuring Sampson here are a recently-discovered "Salzburg" variant of the showpiece solo motet Exsultate, Jubilate (pastel flutes instead of incisive oboes in the orchestra, and textual changes), and the quasi-operatic Sub tuum praesidium, where she duets gloriously with herself.
He is a familiar face among EU circles, as a member of the Praesidium of the European Convention, he helped draft the European Constitution.
Praesidium offers clients guidance through complex employment law, plus insurance protection for legal costs and employment tribunal awards.
In Latin, it's sub tuum praesidium confugimus-- a walled city, a refuge.
For safely and securely connecting applications and databases to clients on the Internet, the NZSE relied on HP's Praesidium VirtualVault, already integrated with TANTAU's wireless Internet platform.
Praesidium will look to the supply chain sector, closely followed by front-office vendors over the next 12 months.