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someone who practices a learned profession

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Finally, to serve both academe and the practicians, we need to heed the calls for modesty of McSwite, Bourgon, Clark and Swain and Lodge and Gill.
Practicians face with many small yet significant mistakes that are caused by the specialists themselves.
Second, verse practicians are not interested in the question of how many degrees of quantity there 'actually' are in Estonian, their problem is how to divide all existing syllables into light, heavy or ancipitia.
This method requires the practicians to have knowledge of the absent persons ID numerical codes, and is especially favoured by low turnout rates)
The total majority of Russian (as well as Western) experts and practicians definitely declared about bad readiness for the global crisis and management ineffectiveness in the major part of Russian business.
Until 1930, the scientific apicultural research in Romania did not have an organized framework, even though many valuable apiculturists and practicians asserted themselves as observers, experimenters and promoters of the most advanced techniques and scientific methods in apiculture.
This has presented new challenges to the management field, both to the theoreticians and practicians, with respect to the need to base their decision on more flexible and sophisticated instruments.
There is a reason to believe that detailed examination of asphaltite deposits may offer rich information about possible oil pools which are also of continuously growing interest of scientists and practicians.
Future insights are a new field the emergence of which was to the largest extent influenced by creative and innovative practicians who came with excellent methods and algorithms to satisfy the needs of their clients rather than by scientists/ theorists.
Many theorists and practicians of group psychotherapy agree that self-disclosure is one of the vital conditions ensuring successful and effective psychotherapy in the group (Braaten, 1991; Friedman, 1989; Vander Kolk, 1985; Corey, 1990; Yalom, 1985).
There is no doubt that the instrument raises many questions for both theoreticians and practicians and at least some of them will get answers with the help of feasibly precise reconstructions and their use in practice.
It has the ambition to create a dialogue between music theoricians and practicians [sic] stemming both from the musical education in conservatoires or music schools and from the musicological education in universities" (journal Web page at http://musurgia.
The practical significance of all this is that it seems very likely that when punishment is not by definition focused directly on a reductive effect, researchers and practicians alike may be more alerted to a potential diversity of effects of punishment procedure (e.
Theorists and practicians recognize both the subjectivity of cultural critique as a form of journalism and its importance as a mediation between the creators-producers and the public.