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Synonyms for practise

Synonyms for practise

engage in a rehearsal (of)

carry out or practice

learn by repetition

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The lead monk carries a staff and rings a bell while other monks and lay practicers follow silently in single file.
In the forefront of which companie, the students of Machiauels principles and practicers of his precepts may worthily be raunged.
This most avid of practicers arrived at Troon with a neck injury because he had been hammering so many balls on the driving range, and missed the cut.
Thorough study of Bruges' art market ("Documentary Evidence of Painter's Workshop Practicers and Methods of Reproducton," Chapter Four) is a helpful presentation of a well documented subject.
I see some such relation working itself out in The Winter's Tale, with Puritan assumptions about the natural order of heterosexual fertility and economic productivity standing in opposition to the imagined unnatural behaviors of theatrical practicers and patrons.
Edgar Hoover and denounced by The New York Times as "among the most virulent and dangerous preachers and practicers of the doctrines of destruction"; the orator so feared by the United States that she was deported in 1919--that Emma Goldman has faded not even into history, but into feminist pop culture.
Everyone in the studio has enjoyed doing this, even my few reticent practicers.
Athletes are players who practice, musicians are practicers who play.
The mental skills needed to be a great practicer are not the same mental skills needed to be a great performer.
For the most part, athletes are players who practice while musicians are practicers who play.
In other words, the mental skills needed to be a great practicer are not the same mental skills needed to be a great performer.
As we work to enable our students to become more successful practicers and performers, we always should remember: teach the student, not the subject.
Practicers, performers and audiences love it when the nervous system is hooked up to integrate the gymnastic coordination needed to play a musical instrument with the emotions appropriate to express the music.
any practicer [sic] in phisic [sic], may be better known, and judged of,
failure thereof, such practicer [sic], or any apothecary, making up the