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a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education

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Early findings suggest that the role of a practice teacher is operationalised differently both within and across organisations and disciplines.
Sherwin S, Stevenson L (2006) Development of the role of the practice teacher.
We started with three topics that we knew were important to many of our members: the new strategy from the Department of Health (DH) in England for school nurses (led by Professional Officer Ros Godson); the Health Visitor Implementation Plan (led by Pauline Watts from the DH and myself) and the current situation for specialist community public health nursing (SCPHN) practice teachers (again led by me).
Developing practice criteria that promote objectivity and allow the practice teacher to make a holistic assessment of knowledge, skills and attitude will enhance the assessment process and the learning experience.
Point 18 states that 'a practice teacher can oversee a mentor on the SCPHN part of the register who would supervise the SCPHN/HV student.
The pedagogical use of self-reported reflections in practice teacher work supports 'student teachers in constructing personally meaningful knowledge of pedagogical theory and research' (Velikova, 2013) and leads to a personalised longitudinal album of literacy performances, evaluations and, more instrumentally, analysed reports of demonstrated outputs within the final portfolio, where students retrospectively make sense of the whole practicum experience.
The reasons for this included: the importance of involving the manager and practice teacher in meetings; preceptees benefited from group facilitated meetings where they discussed specific topics relevant to practice with a preceptor present; building up peer support networks (see Figure one).
She subsequently qualified as a health visitor and practice teacher and worked in Pontefract, Leeds, Bradford and for the SSAFA armed forces charity in Germany before moving into nurse education.
Dan qualified as a practice teacher in 2000 while working as a social worker.
SEVEN YEARS OF SERVICE Jacqui Smith, health visitor and community practice teacher
Other awards included NVQs, foster carers long service, practice teacher awards, MA in Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care, Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management and City and Guild qualifications.
And Janis Gunter, acting senior social worker for Rugby Short Term Team, who earned a practice teacher accreditation.
I am a registered nurse, midwife, mental health nurse, specialist health visitor and specialist practice teacher and probably one of the most experienced people in the NHS.
CALDERDALE Council social worker Brian Mitchell, has been voted Practice Teacher of the Year at the Social Work awards 2013.
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