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Several past attempts by organized medicine to establish that clinical laboratory testing is the practice of medicine have failed.
Regulating the choices of medical practitioners means restricting the practice of medicine, whether it's called "off-label use" or "using an approved laser with unapproved software.
Many of us in the practice of medicine are swimming in technology and yet we seldom carefully observe its appropriate uses and how technology seems to be crowding out the human side of medical care both professionally and economically.
Hopkins 24/7'' depicts the practice of medicine as a calling more melancholy and reflective than glamorous or heroic.
The practice of medicine continues to evolve in ways that are not always compatible with good patient care, and physicians now control less and less of their practices.
The Prescription Project to promote science-based practice of medicine
The AMA, as well as the North Carolina Board of Medicine, The American College of Surgeons and other groups believe medical-legal testimony by physician experts is the same as the practice of medicine.
Its mission is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.
The FSMB adopted in 1998 language calling on all state boards to seek legislation or regulatory changes that would clearly define medical director determinations of medical necessity or appropriateness as the practice of medicine.
It sounds like the practice of medicine, doesn't it?
Some reasons for this trend are that: negative financial margins already range from 15 to 40 percent of net revenues among physician practices acquired by networks (8); inherent fiscal and philosophical conflicts will continue to arise between the practice of medicine and the financial wellbeing of networks; and physicians who are "bought out" by networks anticipate working less and increasing their income, while the systems project additional admissions and a fair return on their investment.
And it recognizes that the practice of medicine is not a one-size-fits-all proposition by examining new ways to assess the benefits and risks of medications that can save lives.
This seems a fair hypothesis, but it created for me a cognitive discontinuity as I reflected on his first dangerous trend, namely that the practice of medicine is becoming too complex from a business and legal perspective.
Not only in use, but indispensable, as much a symbol of the practice of medicine as white coats and stethoscopes have become.
His responsibilities also included translational research efforts and strategic academic alliances required to integrate genomics into the practice of medicine.
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