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The professional medical judgment and clinical knowledge necessary in WGS and cancer genomics may suggest that genomic medicine is the practice of medicine as defined at the state level.
Several past attempts by organized medicine to establish that clinical laboratory testing is the practice of medicine have failed.
Should the practice of medicine be reserved only for those patients whom you have met in person?
The Geneia Joy of Medicine Challenge is soliciting ideas "on how to best restore the meaning behind the practice of medicine" and will offer $1,000 cash prizes and $5,000 worth of consulting services to the winners in three categories--electronic health records of the future, population health and the joy of medicine.
Last month, the NBI filed charges of illegal practice of medicine against Park after the results of their investigation showed that she was neither licensed to practice medicine nor was she on the roster of physicians of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
The threat posed by statistics to the practice of medicine is part of the same threat that the mathematization of nature by modern philosophers posed for human nature.
We are losing control of the practice of medicine. This is not a turf war!
Those articles undoubtedly reacquainted many Army medical professionals with the enormous legal complexities that surround the practice of medicine, whether military or civilian, and reminded us of the valuable support provided by the Army JAG Corps.
The Senate State Affairs committee today unanimously approved SB 894, which would give hospitals in counties with populations of less than 50,000, or those that are the only community hospital in the area, an exemption from the "corporate practice of medicine" law.
The stated objective of this research is to re-member women's her-story in medicine; re-connect women healers with the myths of healing used to guide the practice of medicine and to initiate humanistic changes into the practice of medicine generally.
The dictum noted by Sir William Osier--"medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability"--still defines the practice of medicine. The physician's responsibility to the individual patient includes attention to the possibilities.
SSB 3085 was introduced which would define the practice of chronic interventional pain management as the practice of medicine and the techniques used in that practice.
The award recognizes a physician who is viewed by his or her peers as setting the standard for the practice of medicine and who is a worthy role model for his or her fellow physicians.
As the provision of medical expert testimony requires not only a medical degree, but advanced levels of knowledge and skill, it is logical that it should be considered an integral part of the practice of medicine.
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