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a nurse who has enough training to be licensed by a state to provide routine care for the sick

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Figueroa then submitted a false resume to the Golden Living Center in Fitchburg and obtained employment there as a licensed practical nurse.
11) Since our goal is to estimate the effect of licensing on average wages of registered or practical nurses, to be included in our sample for this regression analysis an individual had to self-identify as a registered or practical nurse, had to declare a positive annual wage in the previous calendar year, and had to report being in the labor force.
The fact that a professional or practical nurse may be registered as a direct-entry midwife does not expand the scope of practice of the nurse.
Three types of direct-care jobs in a nursing home include nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and nurse assessment coordinators.
That said, if given the resources to hire more practical nurses, we would certainly be able to find work for them," she said.
NorQuest College is Canada's largest educator of practical nurses and the move to offer an Aboriginal Practical Nurse program is one more way management sees to help fill a shortage of workers in the health care profession.
5 of the Illinois Medical Practice Act specifically allows a licensed physician to delegate tasks "to a licensed practical nurse, a registered professional nurse, or other persons.
ANBLPN-NANB Collaboration Document: Working together: A framework for the Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse.
The one-plus-one nursing program requires the same core competencies (skills) to become a practical nurse as it does to become an associate-degree nurse.
The majority of the educational offerings at the Education Center are open to all NewCourtland network employees, but several programs such as the Nursing Assistant Training Program, the CNA Specialist Program, and the Graduate Practical Nurse (GPN) Fellowship have specific admission criteria.
The professions included licensed practical nurse, auto mechanic, research and development product manager for industrial cleaning products, dental office assistant, snack bar employee at a beach club, beauty salon owner and operator, apple orchard and fruit stand owner, secretary at a university alumni hall, bus person at a restaurant, video store clerk, professional mover, convenience store assistant manager, pizza restaurant server, meteorologist, and land surveyor.
Mike Peter, a licensed practical nurse at the prison, said that du Pont once said he wanted to go home on bail to obtain papers ``to help his case.
This individual was not a trained or licensed practical nurse.
HOUSTON -- The National Education Alliance is pleased to announce that it will award scholarships totaling nearly $27,000 to Extendicare Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) employees.
Perkins Vocational Training Center would like to request bids for a personal service contract to be issued to provide a nursing service/care to our facility by a licensed practical nurse (LPN).
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