practical joke

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a prank or trick played on a person (especially one intended to make the victim appear foolish)

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THAT is precisely why I do not like practical jokes, they are not amusing, and when you don't laugh, the person blames you.
I couldn't believe it and thought that it was a practical joke.
When he considers the bed trick in All's Well That Ends Well in another chapter, he insists that it is not really a practical joke because Helena is too solemn and just not funny; but that of course depends entirely on the players, and especially on the loathsomeness of Bertram.
But Judge Evans said: "It's difficult to see how this is a practical joke.
He said: 'I thought it was another one of his practical jokes,' and added it was definitely not to take his own life.
Hawkins told AFPN that when he first spoke with Joyce, he thought someone was playing a practical joke on him.
McGavin's "Secular Music in the Burgh of Haddington, 1530-1640," which describes musicians at the most popular level in this Scottish town; its only reference to upper-class musical activity is to "rough music" intended as a practical joke (54).
The man had apparently been forgotten by his co-workers, and had thought that they were playing a practical joke, the director of Rhodes airport told state-run NET television.
Kitano invokes the surreal poetry of that death wish with a knowing grin, the way his character in Sonatine plays a practical joke on his confederates during a friendly game of Russian roulette.
When I first got the call from Mattel, I thought someone was pulling a practical joke," said Denise Lyon, mayor of Speed.
When the 23-year-old first heard she'd won the role of Snow White in Mirror Mirror, she thought someone was playing a practical joke.
Washington, Jan 287 ( ANI ): George Clooney, who is notorious for playing practical jokes on his co-stars, has admitted he is putting together a practical joke that will have huge repercussions for Brad Pitt.
A MAN told a court he left a hoax bomb on a bus as a practical joke because he was bored.
NOW footballers aren't usually renowned for their great sense of humour, but how about this for a practical joke on Liverpool striker Peter Crouch?
Three out of four of those questioned admitted playing a practical joke, including some managers, with the likelihood increasing in the run-up to Christmas.
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