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The practical application reports are a unique component of the workshop.
Synopsis: Drawing from many fields, "Discovering Forgiveness: Pathways Through Injury, Apology, and Healing" provides the reader with an accessible and interdisciplinary approach to understanding the complexity of forgiveness while generating practical applications.
Ultrasonic inspection technology development and search unit design; examples of practical applications.
A Practical Application of Supply Chain Management Principles" is a look at the entire chain that keeps America living the lifestyle that America is known for--graced with such luxuries as supermarkets, department stores, and other commercial shops.
LOG 235B is a one-week classroom course that uses case studies and exercises to provide students the opportunity to accomplish practical application of the concepts learned in LOG 235A.
The hallmark of these strongly recommended books are their clear design which encompasses everyday examples of the practical application of mathematics set forward in clear, concise, "student friendly" language based on nationally recognized standards for first-grade mathematics.
The paper was awarded the second annual Academic Paper of the Year, an award jointly sponsored by FERF, Baruch College and the AAA, because of its relevance to current issues in financial reporting, as well as its practical application.
HTC is not a material property, but a parameter that depends on a casting's properties, and most engineers are unaware of the appropriate HTC for practical application.
Learning through practical application can be fun, exciting, and career-enhancing.
For those interested in an encyclopaedic catalogue of every theoretical idea and term of jargon which has yet been proposed, this is your dream come true; for those interested in one workable practical application of a "quick-and-dirty" methods approach, utilizing real examples from the real world, I would recommend Embry and Catuneanu (2002).
Although the school's organizers place a very high priority on small group practical exercises, students usually feel that even more time in future classes should be dedicated to practical application activities.
But in practical application, the ruling would apply only to this individual patient.
Every debate, seminar, workshop and point/counterpoint discussion has been shaped so that all participants - owners, managers, consultants, manufacturers - will learn about a subject from two key angles: research and development, contrasting with practical application," said BOMA/NY president Peter J.
How The Genesis Diet Gives You Health, Healing And Longevity is an informed and informative guide to the practical application of the Genesis Diet.
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