power trip

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(slang) a self-aggrandizing action undertaken simply for the pleasure of exercising control over other people

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The Power Trip program is something very close to my heart.
Given that JLAW is the highestpaid actress in Hollywood right now I guess that is what you call a power trip.
Power Trip is, like, thrash metal, Merchandise is pop oriented and we're completely different, ourselves.
But dealing with a parent on a power trip takes special care.
The Paddy Power trip was too short for Cyfor Malta last time and this is as far as he wants to go.
A statement from MAS said that its Departure Control System at the airport was down temporarily, due to a power trip, from 0725 to 0914 local time.
When you need to be in control: Smooth bed hair with Tigi's Power Trip hair gel.
The opportunity to lust for; and experience, this power trip has been democratized in the 21st century, allowing more of the masses to play in the game, and we sanitize references to it by using such aphorisms as "information is knowledge," and "knowledge is power.
Early on in his career Bibeault says he was brusque because he got a bit of a power trip off firing people.
It may have been a power trip for him--maybe he wanted to make his mark.
Massification and excitation are the raison d'etre of the pirates (degraded descendants of Radio Alice, the unlicensed Italian broadcasters who so excited Guattari in the late '70s): a power trip for the powerless, a goalless, apolitical unity.
What makes them different is that theirs is also a power trip.
Kaya pa kita patawarin at palampasin Mayor ng Lazi Siquijor sa mga ginawa mung power trip mung kalukohan kagabi, ngunit sa ginawa mo sa harap ng taumbayan mo di nila makakalimutan itong paninira at panggugulo mo.
Denying the dead a decent burial is a macabre power trip by heinous villains we shouldn't tolerate in a civilised society.
BIG BROTHER: POWER TRIP LIVE LAUNCH (9pm Channel 5) THE first of two live shows fronted by the very capable Emma Willis.