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a machine for excavating

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"Where power shovels and backhoes are used for material handling, such equipment and the use thereof shall be in accordance with the following provisions:
During August, bulldozers, scrapers and power shovels began site preparation for the ITER tokamak pit and the poloidal coils assembly building.
Equipment tested for vibration levels can range from power shovels, bulldozers, helicopters and cranes to forklifts, earth-moving equipment, trucks and tractors.
Exports of construction machinery such as power shovels and excavators dropped 32.5 percent, apparently reflecting the weak housing sector in the United States hit by the subprime woes.
It has been the most chilling testimony in the 14 months since Saddam Hussein and his associates first went on trial: an account of how Iraqi death squads took 301 victims to remote desert sites in the late 1980s, herded them into pits dug by power shovels and gunned them down.
POWER shovels yesterday scooped up tons of rubble at a Moscow market where the roof collapsed on Thursday, killing at least 57 people.
Power shovels picked at the piles of debris to allow better access to the two train cars.
All units are available with standard accessories including material handling, power shovels, trenchers and ventilation face fans.
These continued in the early 1900s, with the use of American power shovels on the Panama Canal construction being a notable milestone.
Lightweight snow blowers and electric power shovels, which reduce the strain to muscles and joints, are available.