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The 18 power plants have a combined capacity of 1,089 MW and all are coal-fired power plants.
We need to find a way to help power plant developers get financing because a lot of power plants are having a hard time getting financing," he said.
The final decision on building a nuclear power plant will depend on factors as they stand later this decade, including the power market, the status of permanent spent fuel storage, and the ability of the participants to obtain financing without adversely affecting their credit ratings.
Engineering consultants have confirmed that virtually none of the old plant can be used and that an entirely new power plant will have to be built at a cost of about $350 million or more.
Located on Magnolia Boulevard next to the Golden State Freeway, it is the largest municipal power plant built in California since the energy crisis several years ago.
The special danger posed by power plant pollution was not lost on those who think about these issues for a living.
The pitched and very public struggle this year along the northern Lake Michigan coast over energy policy, federal environmental law and a big new coal-fired power plant provides powerful evidence that the President's stealth strategy is raising a ruckus at the grassroots level, and is likely to backfire.
China's nuclear power plants mainly gather in the coastal areas such as Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu including the following projects: Qinshan nuclear power plant (phase 1, 2, 3), Dayawan nuclear power plant, Lingao nuclear power plant (phase 1), Tianwan nuclear power plant.
Now, with the impetus of a $930,000 contract from the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and a $470,000 buy-in from industry giant Siemens Westinghouse, the University of North: Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) has begun a two-year pilot program to study the use of commercial desiccant technology as a way to remove, treat, and use water from Coal power plant flue gas--water that originates within the coal itself.
Just doubling power plant waste to 6 percent, even with the installation of catalytic converters on most plants before midsummer, could tip the balance into unhealthy air, regulators say.
who first requested the study, immediately cited it as a reason to keep the recently completed Shoreham nuclear power plant in New York from coming on line.
CASTAIC - When the thermometer hits 102 in Woodland Hills and residents are cranking up their air conditioners, that's when the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Castaic Power Plant gets the call.
New power plant projects are expected to focus on the initial establishment of simple cycle power plants, subsequently converting them into combined cycle power plants.
Upper Gorge Power Plant stands nine miles below the dam, Middle Gorge Power Plant at 12 miles and Control Gorge Power Plant at 18 miles, on the north end of Pleasant Valley Reservoir.
CES), a provider of zero-emissions power plant technology, announced today that it completed the first closing of the sale of up to 13 millions dollars of its Series A preferred stock to Paxton Corporation (Paxton) and Quadrise Canada Corporation (Quadrise), both of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.