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a device for converting a power supply to a voltage required by particular equipment

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For 3E-B18, Honda envisions a base platform powered by Honda's Mobile Power Pack that can be outfitted with AI sensors for autonomous operation, and that connects with several attachments to create a range of use scenarios.
iOttie's Halo Charge Bike Light & Power Pack and the iTap Wireless Qi Fast Charging Magnetic Car Mount will be displayed at CES 2017, which runs January 5-8, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Thanks to StorageSafe technology, the Power Pack holds a charge for a long time so you'll have power when you need it.
The company debuted a new line of redesigned external power packs in a range of power levels at a pre-CES event called "the Digital Experience
Three hours of recharging the power pack by USB or outlet enable it to give a gadget the extra hours of use.
records; Power Pack with Score is comprised of the basic solution plus the Business Credit Risk Class and includes only non-financial
The PAC P13 power pack has a maximum pressure rating of 2200 psi.
The LP 13-20 LED power pack is designed to place less load on the engine when working with demanding tools like heavier handheld hydraulic breakers and is built to withstand vibrations.
During each Stryker's next scheduled maintenance, open the rear engine access panel and look at the rear of the power pack where the drive shaft connects to the transfer case.
Disetronic Medical Systems announced the voluntary nationwide recall of the Disetronic D-TRONplus power packs because of the "real potential that the power pack could shut down the D-TRONplus Insulin Pump.
Whether you need to jump-start your car, run your portable TV or laptop, charge your phone, inflate tyres and footballs or provide emergency lighting, our power pack will provide the reliable backup you need.
The new tap water hydraulic power pack comes in 2, 3, and 4 GPM versions.
5 Plug-In Power Pack (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Centex has now increased crushing capacity through the purchase of a Svedala (now Metso Minerals) 1,000 t/h impact crusher and the XM700 EHC powered by an HA37 power pack.
The Solar Power Pack fits in a backpack and weighs 22 pounds (10 kilograms), providing users with 120 watt-hours of power each day.