power outage

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equipment failure resulting when the supply of power fails

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My plea to the power that be is simple: If Pakistan has been declared free from power outages, why do I and countless professors and researchers around the educational city of Jam Shoro continue to face it?
Build a survival plan together to ensure everyone knows what to do and how to utilize the supplies in a power outage emergency kit.
PTI activists chanted full throat slogans against the officials of PESCO and castigated it for prolonged power outage.
Should a refrigerator go below 40 degrees for more than two hours during a power outage, items to discard include eggs, fresh pasta, pasta, opened baby formula, milk, cream, vegetables, meat, tofu, cheese, fruit, seafood, opened canned meats and salad.
The five-hour power outage last night in NAIA 3 is once again another embarrassment for the country.
Often, a standby power system pays for itself in one power outage.
High demand for electricity and extreme heat are the cause of several power outages in Protaras, which left two hotels and restaurants without electricity for 12 hours.
However, once disconnected, other circuits were also disconnected, despite their not supposing to, causing a power outage at 6:15am.
However, even with increased electricity production, power outages continue to occur daily in Sana'a and other governorates.
No date has been set for when the power outage will be over but the NEC pledged to minimize the blackout period and resume normal operations as soon as possible.
Those who do business in northern Queens neighborhoods are just a few days removed from a series of frustrating power outages and brownouts that hampered business and shut down several subway lines.
Although they're fine for short power outages, they will not handle the load for any extended power outage.
The presentation recounted Ford's dealing with a power outage that was severe enough that there was no way of knowing when the power would come back on.
But they did not immediately know the exact cause of the power outage, which affected an estimated 50 million people in eight U.
In fact, today seems like the perfect day to begin putting together a plan that will minimize the risk to your facility operations in the event of a power outage.